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There i was minding my own business and my Traeger shut off and said “HEr” on the screen. Here’s what the cause is and how to fix it.
See my other Traeger issues and troubleshooting videos on how to solve error codes and heating issues.

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  1. Been watching several greater videos seems like there temperamental and need baby sitting a lot. Don’t think I’d ever buy one!

  2. I like what you did here but i must say, “I hate my Traeger!” I’ve had it for a few years and it has never worked, it always over heats and burns. It’s ruined great meat the bucket is completely blistered from the overheating. Traeger sent me new heat probe but they blame me every time I call or email. Let’s get real, there is only so many thing you can do when using it and no matter what I’ve tried I have to babysit it every time I use it. Don’t buy a Traeger, that’s the best way to not get HEr codes. It doesn’t work as well as it should, especially at these prices.

  3. Been getting the HER codes and have shut down and it usually resolves itself. This time it stopped on a 4 lb butt and I happened to be away. Gonna clean out the dust (been awhile) and that should resolve it 🤞🏻

  4. I have checked pellets replaced probe and control panel and still have this problem. I even had it burn out of control to the point it was down right dangerous! and traeger gave me the replacement parts meaning control board and probe! Bottom line is traeger is overpriced junk and dont buy it!

  5. I got this error code the a couple days ago on my Pro 22. Was sitting next to my Traeger while I was grilling some chicken around 350, and heard the Traeger shut down. Observed the HEr code, but saw no signs that the grill had gotten really hot/reached 450. Chicken was burned, no sign of flair-up, etc. Grill is 11 months old, has always been covered when not in use, and have only used Traeger pellets. I cleaned and vacuumed the grill prior to using. Going to call Traeger CS and see what they have to say. Thanks for the video.

  6. Got the code after 1 cook. Did all the steps, vaccum and wipe down, blew dust off pellets and I was Hot and Cookin!!!
    Thanks for the video.

  7. i had the same problem again today. I set the grill later to 180degrees to test. it ran up to 320 and then attempted to maintain itself at 280 for about ten minutes. I opened the lid to cool it but it kept firing up to 270 , 280 range. Something is definitely not working properly with the temp sensor or controller. So today’s beer butt chicken got done in the oven. It came out OK, nowhere near as good as the smoker.

    Going to replace the temp sensor probably, if not the controller. I will call Traeger and see what they say. 3 year warranty and I am at 10 months in year one. When it works well enough, it’s bad to the bone, so I am not giving up. But it has fluctuated temperature wise quite a bit ever since day one.
    UPDATE 6/22 : replaced temp sensor with highly rated after market temp sensor, easily done, works like a charm.The best chicken just got better.

  8. Clean out the ash and burning pot! I was wondering why I had the HEr code on my relatively new traeger, after that it seems to work fine. Thanks again

  9. Yup first time I’ve seen the error. Mine is 4 months old… Went to smoke mode after power cycle seemed to fix

  10. I have had this problem with my Traeger Scout several times. I have cleaned it changed out the liner of the drip pan, everything and it still occasionally occurs. So I’ve resorted to spraying the temperature sensor with water when the temperature gets near 500°. I’ve used a separate temperature gauge and the temperature is nowhere near 500° when the Traeger sensor says that it is. Just a temporary fix but definitely keeps your food cooking on the Traeger! Like I said it only occasionally occurs for me!

  11. Hello! We just got that her code and we’re running through all of the things that you recommended! I’ll let you know how it goes.

  12. I have found I can’t smoke a pork butt over about 8.5-9lbs. Anything bigger, and it shuts off about the last 1-2 hours. I have to finish in the oven🤬

  13. I have had a Traeger for about four years now, one of the most frustrating and disappointing purchases I have ever made. The unit has been completely rebuilt, major fire on the second use and have at this time I don’t know if I will even keep it. Why am I commenting now, 4th of July, set up a low temp test on the smoke and 180 deg setting, been running for the past hour, all of a sudden I check the remote thermometer 450 degrees!!! Go and check the grill and I have the error code of death for anything on the smoker! Tiring and disappointing.
    Great Video by the way!!

  14. One week old. 2nd use and I got an HER code. Restarted it and it was smoking like a forest fire! I’m hoping I can pull it apart and just clean it?

  15. What’s even more frustrating (or just as much) is when the freeze dryer shuts off in the dry cycle with the “check your seal and hoses” displayed on the screen (not exact words) and they are all okay. I have had numerous frustrating times with the wonderful but aggravating freeze dryer.

  16. Good to know! I haven’t bought a Traeger or a Harvest Right yet, but I’m planning to. Thanks for sharing!

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