Right now this monitor is actually $1,238 on Amazon!
+ Acer Predator CG437K: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B07Z1212CQ/?tag=level1techs-20

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  1. Asus ROG PG43UQ it’s pretty decent for how I see it and it’s around $1500. 43″, 4K, 144hz, HDR1000.
    It’s basically the evolution of the XG438Q you already reviewed a couple of years ago.
    The only downside for me personally it’s the brightness, a minumum of 175 nits it’s definitely a bit too much for me, to have on a desk anyway.

  2. Watching this on my LG 48 Oled. Knowing this here is bad in comparison. Its good for a VA Panel but for the same price you can get perfect blacks, perfect colors, perfect viewing angels, no smearing… etc. 😉
    But nice review man! As always!

  3. If this was hdmi 2.1 I would be all over it for my next gen consoles and pc sadly not 120hz over hdmi

  4. Good review. But you can get this monitor used for half the price. Than it’s really worth it. The problem for me is the height. The monitor stand is just to high. If you compare it to a asus 43 gaming monitor, the stand is 5cm above the asus models… which is really a shame. It’s more difficult to use it as a regular monitor than the asus xg438 for example. I really hate the stand, for this height and for the uglyness 😅

  5. Well I think the stuff like speakers, etc is still somewhat worth it. Like I’m a headphone user 99% of the time, hence my really nice ampd/dac unit and 4 pairs of different headphones (closedbacks, open, planar magnetics, gaming headset with a mic), but the one day per month I feel like not wearing headphones, I do use my Samsung ultrawide’s shit speakers, no matter how shit they are.

  6. Wendell, in your opinion, what would be a fair price for this monitor since you think it’s overpriced?

  7. hi,i really like your review,i am in Canada,i also watched the review you did on Asus xg438q. I got a open box xg438q at around 700 us dollars, do you think it is good price? The acer one is too expensive.thank you

  8. Got a 3090 had a oled c9 but had to move it to the bedroom as hadmi2.1 is broken so bought this beast and my GOD is it bright vs a Oled it fantastic for gaming on PC!! It my second screen for story or open world games. My competitive screen is 1440p 165hz screen.

  9. You mentioned multiple times that you are concerned about when driving games at below 48 Hz, since that is the bottom of the stated refresh range. Here’s the thing: my understanding was that LFC (low framerate compensation) is achieved when a monitor can dial its refresh rate from a minimum to 2.4 times that minimum (48*2.4=115.2). In this case, this monitor aces that with a range of 48 to 144 Hz. So, by my understanding, if a monitor can display any framerate in that range, it can also display any framerate below the minimum by doubling frames as quickly as if it ramped all the way down. That means that for all monitors which are certified G-Sync compatible or better, or FreeSync with LFC, it doesn’t really matter what the minimum refresh rate the panel hits is because the monitor can display in-time a signal anywhere from 1 Hz to its maximum refresh rate. Is this incorrect?

  10. my first real monitor, dell s2716dgr, 27 inch TN 144hz. I do love it, but for watching movies and things, i hate the viewing angles. now seriously thinking about getting that lg cx 48 oled tv. its sitting in my cart atm.

  11. Why even bother to place the speakers in the monitor. My monitor has built in speakers that’s way worse than my laptop. If I had saved 5 bucks for not having the speakers it would’ve been worth it.

  12. do you also have this problem with Battlefield V? if I set the monitor to 120Hz and then back to 144Hz then this comes up:

    I changed the monitor and tried another graphic card, the problem is still there, what could that be ?

  13. Hope you get a Philips 558M1RY 55 ” for a review. What do you think about it?

  14. I have a 40 inch 4k60 Vizio TV i bought almost 5 years ago for $200 been using it for my workstation/gaming rig ever since, why is this monitor not $600 at launch?

  15. Great video. Just nice looking for a gaming monitor with hdr 1000. Just a quick question. I intend to use it on my series x via hdmi. I know it only support 4k 60hz but If i use it with my pc via hdmi or dp does it support lower resolution like 1080p or 1440p 120hz ? I dun mind pc gaming at those resolution.

  16. I hate the fact high end monitors still comes with speakers… As if people buying monitors with those price tags don’t already have better audio options!

  17. I find a bit strange that TVs don’t have DP port… it was very comon to see D-SUB port in first HDTV sets

  18. I also got this beast at microcenter on sale for 900. I like it “mostly”. Biggest gripe for me is it’s too bright. Even at 50 brightness I feel like I burn my eyes burn out. Also the contrast isn’t great. At the price I would recommend the oled instead of this.

  19. I recently got an LG Nano IPS 38″ panel from costco, the model is 38GN950. It was on sale with a 200 dollar discount for $1,338.99 the monitor is G-Sync certified but it doesn’t use a G-Sync module and it’s also FreeSync Premium Pro, specs: 3840 x 1600, HDR 600 & DCI-P3 98% Color Gamut, IPS 1ms (GtG) 144Hz Refresh Rate (O/C 160Hz). It will be great to se you reviewing this monitor.

  20. hey super review on the Acer Predator CG437K and ASUS ROG Swift PG43UQ which one did you like better ? what about the ASUS ROG Swift PG329Q G-SYNC Compatible WQHD, Fast IPS, 175H ??
    thanks again stay safe.

  21. I got this monitor for 899. As soon as I saw it immediate buy. Great for that price. I dunno about 1500 dollars. When you can get a cx 48 inch for that price.

  22. Looks good overall. Needs to be a tad bit cheaper. Are the speakers really that awful? 10W built in speakers for a monitor sounds beefy. Not that I use them much, but I have used monitor speakers when I temporarily moved to different places. (I actually despise the feeling of headphones. Prefer speakers)

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