Last week’s Tech Suggestion column collected a number of iOS 14 recommendations for Iphone customers, and numerous phones running Google’s Android 11 operating system have identical controls — like the ability to customise the Swift Options box or adjust the assistant’s artificial voice. And after you get started poking about in Android 11, you will discover loads of other valuable characteristics.

In this article are just a couple of of them. These tips need to work on Google’s new Pixel products, but continue to keep in intellect that other mobile phone makers frequently use their very own modified versions of Android, so capabilities and menus may perhaps vary.

If you have picked the Google Assistant as your digital helper and use the existing variation of Google’s Cellphone app for your calls, you can team them up with the Keep for Me characteristic to handle a person of present day life’s most bothersome responsibilities: waiting around for a buyer-company agent. (You also require at least a Pixel 3 or a different suitable phone.)

To enable Hold for Me, open the Cell phone application and faucet the a few-dot More menu to get to the options. Select Hold for Me and then tap the button to turn on the element.

When you dial a toll-totally free amount and are set on hold, tap the onscreen button to activate Keep for Me. The Google Assistant can take more than listening for a human and displays a “Don’t dangle up” see. When the client assistance agent picks up the simply call, Google Assistant alterations the display concept to “Someone’s waiting around to talk to you” and highlights the “Return to call” button. The cell phone captures the audio and a transcript of the contact, and you have the alternative to share the data with Google to enable boost the function.

Lending your cellphone to an individual has its pitfalls — primarily lending it to a young someone who desires to check out films but may also wander into your e-mail and contacts list. To preserve the peace — and to retain your personalized data files safe — you can make use of Android’s longtime “Multiple Users” location. With it, you can set up a guest account or separate consumer account on your telephone.

Credit rating…Google

Open the Options application, decide on Program, then Sophisticated and Numerous People. Faucet the On button and then Incorporate User to create a new account or use the guest account. You can swap accounts listed here or by swiping down from the best of the display with two fingers to open up the Rapid Configurations box and tapping the User icon.

Display screen recordings are practical for displays, demonstrations and troubleshooting. Following many years of 3rd-get together apps undertaking the job, Android 11 now incorporates a Display Recorder application.


To use it, swipe down from the top of the screen with two fingers to open up the Swift Options box and then swipe to the 2nd web page of options. Faucet the Screen History icon, change on the controls for audio and screen faucets (if desired) and faucet Commence. To end recording, swipe down from the top of the screen and faucet the crimson notification bar. The recording is saved in the Movies library.

The Rapid Settings panel is handy, but Android 11 adds yet one more put to stash usually utilized controls: Press and keep the phone’s Ability button until finally the Electric power Menu seems. Below, you have shortcuts for shutting down or restarting the telephone, employing Google Shell out to buy things and taking care of sensible residence units. Put in an app like Ability Menu Controls or Tasker and you can incorporate other program controls to the display.

Credit history…Google/Power Menu Controls

A different use for the Ability button? Immediately press it twice to go ideal to the Digital camera application for that rapid snap.

Software program builders have a historical past of sneaking so-referred to as Easter eggs into code, and Android has extended upheld this tradition. Android 11 revives a past prize: a hidden game that sets digital cats roaming all around your cell phone. To participate in it, go to the About Cellphone portion of the Configurations and faucet “Android version” a couple times. When a quantity dial appears, crank it all the way up three instances until eventually you see an “11” and a cat emoji seem on the display screen.

Up coming, hold down the Energy button to get to the Electrical power Menu. Faucet the a few-dot Additional menu to select Include Controls. Select “See other apps” at the bottom of the display screen, decide on “Cat Controls” and incorporate the water dish, foods bowl and cat toy to your Energy Menu. Faucet these controls and electronic cats will start to surface in your notifications or in floating bubbles, all set to be named and saved into your onscreen kitty corral. It’s not a intricate activity, but it is a way to invest the time until finally the last edition of Android 12 arrives this year.

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