Is your AC unit not turning on? Has your AC stopped working and you can’t figure out why? Let the AC professionals at BGE HOME help. In this video, we’ve outlined a few ways to troubleshoot your air conditioner so you can cool your home to a comfortable temperature. Check out our AC troubleshooting tips below to get started!

Troubleshooting AC Tips:

1. Check your thermostat and ensure it’s in a “cool” mode
2. Check your outdoor unit and make sure it is not obstructed
3. Check the fuse/breaker box and ensure it is in the “on” position
4. Check the disconnect switch and make sure it is in the “on” position
5. Check the furnace blower motor and ensure it is running properly

Is your home’s AC still not turning on after trying the troubleshooting tips listed above? If so, contact the AC specialists at BGE HOME in Maryland. We provide professional AC repair and installation services that will help get your air conditioning system back in working order. Schedule an appointment with one of our AC technicians today! 888-243-4663

AC Repair Services:
Central AC Installation:

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