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EDIT 14/09 – I was going to do a quick update video about this monitor, but I never got around to it before I sold it on…that’s my MO 🙂
The monitor is great to be honest and I would buy it again. I have done this with the XB271HU and I’m sure this one will be no different.
Yes, the HDR is poop, you need to DP for 144hz (1 DP for 120hz @ 4k).
The speakers are not up to much, bit tiny and no real bass, but they’re there and work if you have nothing else. Certainly not the worst speakers I have heard.
The IPS bleed isn’t brilliant on these, but looks worse when you see pics especially on black screens. When you see them in person and have colour on them then they are pretty good.
However, the viewing angles are terrific as you’d expect with IPS.
It’s 4k and high refresh. Seeing the monitor in person is a must. Try telling someone what 4k looks like when the person has only seen 1080p or trying to explain the wonders of high refresh monitors.
To both of these things you say it looks better and smoother. Try melding the two with an IPS panel and now in Sept 2020 you have the chance, with Nvidia RTX 3000 series graphics cards, to really push this monitor to it’s limits.
Do it and do it now 🙂

I was in the market for a new monitor and this came up on eBay, I took the plunge and I’m not disappointed.
Fantastic looking screen, nice stand and 4k high refresh rate. What more can you as for!

If you’re looking to buy new then here is a link: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Acer-XV273KPbmiipphzx-FreeSync-DisplayHDR-Speakers/dp/B07JNQ92F6
Sort HDR issue: https://www.reddit.com/r/buildapc/comments/ar2xga/acer_xv273k_freesync_with_hdr_fix/
***quick fix is to disable FreeSync and select HDR mode on monitor***

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Filmed using my Huawei P30 and the DJI Mobile 3 gimbal – link to review https://youtu.be/D0_RAYL4Yjg
Lighting by The Sun, filmed in the spare room.

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  1. Many people said that they hate the blacklight bleeding of this monitor, is it really that bad?

  2. My first foray into 4k monitors. Lucky me i found it sale for 400€ and decided then and there I have to get it. Operating monitor menu is clumsy but overall I’m happy.

  3. Thanks for the video mate! I am looking for a monitor for my Xbox x. I want 4k for my racing games but also i play a lot of call of duty so needing a 1ms 120hz for that. Would you recommend me getting this panel? Cheers

  4. hi bro…do u find any solution for that hdr problem??? even if i turned freesync off, enabling hdr in win10 makes the display very worst…

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