Experience the power of the Air Hogs Supernova – right out of the box. With multi-directional control, you fly this orb without ever touching it. Just ‘toss to launch’ and learn the basic maneuvers. Then master the moves with 9 incredible super tricks like Spinner, Orbiter, and Elevator.

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WEBSITE – http://airhogs.com/
FACEBOOK – https://www.facebook.com/AirHogsRC
INSTAGRAM – https://instagram.com/AIRHOGS

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  1. mine just flies UP and nothing works to get it down. it just flies on the ceiling i had to pull it down with something

  2. hello. my airhogs supernova keeps always wanting to go in one direction. It constantly gets stuck in corners. any fixes?

  3. this seems to be a piece of sh–t. no way to calibrate it? it just flies wherever it wants to…

  4. Ummm can you help me AirHogs? I can’t remove the propellers and in the video it’s SOOO CONFUSING i need help because i try gently i try strongly i try slowly i try faster- doesn’t come off…

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