in this video ill be discussing wether u should go with AMD CPU or INTEL CPU for your Personal Computer in 2020 In Telugu

My Setup & Gear:
My Monitor:
My Mic:
My Speakers:
My Headset:
My Keyboard:
My Mouse:
My Drawing Tablet:
My Mouse Pad:
My Pendrive:

My PC Components:
My Case/Cabinet:
My Ram:
My PowerSupply/PSU:
My Graphics Card:
My Hard Drive/HDD:
My WiFi Adapter:
My Motherboard (msi Z370 PC Pro):
My OS:

video language TELUGU

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  1. Hi bro nenu 1lakh price range lo oka pc build cheyyali anukuntunnanu AMD ki vellala INTEL ki vellalo artham avvatledu please cheppandi bro iam a VFX artist in 3d

  2. Hi, can you compare AMD 4000 series with Intel 11th generation laptop processors and let us know which one is best in 2021

  3. Brother.. honor Ryzen 5 dhi chepparu kada…
    But same alanti features .. performance and price lo
    Standard companies vi(Hp,asus,lenovo,Dell) lo laptops unte suggest cheyyandi plz..
    40-43k budget…

  4. Bro nenu 50000 pc build chesthunna.suggest one best Amd processer present 2020…Above intel i5 processor speed

  5. Bro miru super mi laga clear ga evvaru cheppadam ledu mi lanti vallaki eppudu ma support vuntadi thanks for valuable suggestions….👍👍👍

  6. Anna niku thelisina information ante eppudu a priceku alanti spec unna loptap ledha pc build gurchi cheppu Anna plz explain to all spec

  7. Anna 40k lo build cheyali anukuntunanu feature lo upgrade chesthanu best motherboard choose cheyi anna. Specs kuda chappuanna adhi vadamantavu

  8. superb explanation…. everyone must watch this 👌 meerannatlu andhariki confusion ay e Intel vs ryzen aedi thiskovaali ani , Intel ki brand value undhi ryzen thiskovaali ante bayapadtham , bro PLEASE MAKE A FULL DETAILED COMPARISON VIDEO ON ” MI NOTEBOOK 14″ vs “HONOR MAGICBOOK 15 ” ippudu around 40-43k lo mi/Asus/honor e 3 laptops lo confusion lo unna , please suggest me a good one , programming is my priority

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