2020 is proving to be a year full of Next Gen Products. AMD RDNA 2, Nvidia Ampere, and Lakefield. We also see a new x86 competitor hitting the DIY market, and finally reasonable 4K 144Hz monitors.
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1) 0:51 Intro Banter
2) 7:48 Quantum & Crypto
3) 13:11 New x86 Competitor in DIY!!!
4) 15:56 Finally reasonably Priced [email protected] Monitors!!!
5) 23:41 Rocket Lake, Intel Price Cuts, & PCIE 4.0
6) 37:21 i5 Lakefield, Intel on 14nm Globalfoundry
7) 40:21 New Intel Vulnerability, 7nm Intel GPU’s
8) 51:45 MX350 is Pointless
9) 59:00 Renoir and RDNA 2.0
10) 1:09:30 Big Navi vs Nvidia Ampere
11) 1:27:00 RX 5600XT BS, and AMD’s Indecisiveness
12) 1:41:00 AIO vs Air Cooling for CPU’s, The USB-C Mandate

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Eve introduces its new Spectrum monitor series


Intel Rocket Lake CPUs To Use Separate Die For Integrated Graphics

Intel Desktop CPUs To Get Major Price Cuts In Second Half Of 2020 To Retain Market Position Against AMD’s Zen 3


Exclusive: Intel Second Generation DG2 GPU To Use TSMC’s 7nm Node

NVIDIA GeForce MX350 and MX330 to feature Pascal architecture

Rumor: Intel Moving Select CPUs To GlobalFoundries


NVIDIA’s Next-Gen GPU Is Up To 75% Faster Than Current-Gen – Will Be Deployed in Big Red 200 Supercomputer This Summer

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  1. Interesting topics, one think I would like you to discuss regarding RDNA and the possible chips that will be inside the PS5 and the new XBOX.
    This links directly to one of video that talks about 3 different scenarios. One of them was that Sony, because is so ahead, could become sloppy.
    Is already kinda confirmed that the xbox will host the chip that was leaked at CES, a 407mm2 (including CPU) die, with 56CUs of 7nm+ RDNA 2.0 arquitecture.

    Sony is said to be using a variant of the Navi10 die with 36CUs. People say Sony will use better memory and clever cache design with higher clk speeds to offset the difference. That might work because as we know from the current 5700 GPUs, NAVI10 is highly mem bootlenecked (see Buildzoids video regarding a possible 505mm2 Navi gpu). But still, I think a 55% difference in CU count, with a more efficient arquitecture and node (If Sony is using Navi10 I also assume is based on RDNA1.0 7nm non EUV), is too big to be neglectible. Of course, and I agree, TFLOPS alone dont win or lose the console battle and both sony and xbox have already made some good strides in announcing backwards comp and ultra fast loading times.

    But still, this gap will be on consumers back mind for sure, even if both consoles deliver similar gaming experience, people will feel they will get much more bang for their buck by choosing one side over the other. And this cold be the start of the theory that because Sony is so ahead they can deliver a lower spec console for similar price, get higher margins, and still get away with it.

    Xbox by being far behind ofc are the ones with the responsability to come out with smth great, and if they introduce that idea you suggested of a platform benign service with things like the game pass, steam and so on, they might, I wouldnt say win, but gain some market share lost in the previous gen.
    Interesting times

  2. Yo Tom, since you were talking about movies, have you watch my hero academia? Maybe it’s something for you there!

  3. 44:10 Well Intel does have a bug bounty program

    1:37:55 My old 7970M has driver issues. Old drivers work. With newer ones you need to do weird shit to get them to finish installing. Some kind of ULPS issue. But I guess thats running old hardware for ya.
    1:50:16 My work Dell laptop can be charged from USB-C or the Dell charger connector.

  4. Why do we still compare process node generations across manufacturers? 7nm tsmc is not the same as 7nm Intel is not the same as 7nm GF in terms of actual transistors size/density/count. Am I wrong?

  5. Rather than fabing products at TSMC, why don’t they license/ purchase their node tech rather than purchasing capacity?

  6. I know we’ve talked about this before but we REALLY need to see an increase in monitor picture quality (removal of matte options, no more nasty backlight bleed, better color representation and black levels) BEFORE they push on us higher resolutions and framerates

  7. FYI Tom. I’ve got a Lenovo E595 with an AMD Ryzen 5 3500U and it has USB C charging. It also supports data transfer through that same port. Pretty nice laptop. I got it for 33% off last year. I also upgraded the RAM myself for a fraction of the price Lenovo was asking for.

  8. OLED monitors are not gonna hit the pc gaming market because of manufacturing cost and the risk of burn it on OLED. We need more monitors with 10 bit panels, Quantum Dots and Full Array Local Dimming for enhanced contrast

  9. I reckon there will be 4 (possibly 5) SKU’s of ‘Big Navi’ each one aiming for every shitvidia 3K series tier (and in between). I think big Navi has been designed to compete with upcoming 3K series (Ampere) from nvidia (and not 2K Turing series). These are the Big Navi SKU’s which I think may be released –

    RX6800 = 3072SP’s, 48CU, 64ROP’s, 384 bit memory bus, 8gb to 12gb of GDDR6 at 16gbps.

    RX6800XT = 3584SP’s, 56CU, 64ROP’s, 384 bit memory bus, 8gb to 12gb of GDDR6 at 16gbps.

    RX6900 = 4096SP’s, 64CU, 64ROP’s, 384 bit memory bus, 12gb to 16gb of GDDR6 at 16gbps.

    RX6900XT = 4608SP’s, 72CU, 64ROP’s, 384 bit memory bus, 12gb to 16gb of GDDR6 at 16gbps.

    RX6950XT = 5120SP’s, 80CU, 64ROP’s, 384 bit memory bus, 12gb to 16gb of GDDR6 at 16gbps.

    Note – it is possible that the RX6900, RX-6900XT and RX6950XT could use 8gb to 12gb of HBM2 (256gbps) instead of GDDR6. These top 3 gpu tiers would absolutely kill 4K gaming (ultra settings at 120fps).

    As far as RRP goes, I think AMD will follow nvidia and jump on the milking band wagon. I really hope AMD releases big Navi first and when nvidia release Ampere (3K series RTX) at a later date, which may be moderately faster and at a more competitive price, then AMD will be forced to cut prices on big Navi. At which point I will buy either the RX6800XT or RX6900 (I think these two gpu’s will be around the £450 and £500 mark respectively).

  10. Is there any plans for the Vega in Renoir ever making it to desktop? It is very interesting to see how far gcn can go, would like to play with it.

  11. 5600ΧΤ with the original BIOS should be sold for $250 as a vanilla 5600 with basic coolers (130W) and the AIBs should put the fast BIOS and better coolers (160W) to sell it as an 5600XT for $270-280. Then there would be no problem at all and all could see that as a great marketing move and as a bargain.

  12. I have had ATI/AMD GOUs for a while and never had any driver issues. I was always confused when more Nvidia centric people would tell me “At least with Nvidia I never have driver issues!”. The Navi driver issues so far make me nervous to use/recommend them currently.

  13. 30% in stocks 30% in bonds 30% commodities. Bitcoin is a commodity. A commodity that takes the Electrical capacity of Belgium to produce 100 transactions per second.

  14. The improvements to Vega in Renoir not only will show up in RDNA2, but also the compute GPU in Frontier, which should be a GCN based compute ASIC with no graphics transistors.

  15. I still think it’s the other way around. The 6 core and higher CPUs on 14nm+++ since yields are great and the i3 4 core and lower on 10nm since they won’t need to worry about the poor yields on the new process. It’d also be why there is no unlocked i3. So no one really sees just how bad 10nm clocks.

  16. 1440p>4k You can drive 1440p at a higher frame rate than 4k. You don’t need to have a TV sized monitor in order to not need to use UI scaling. My 24″ 1440p144 is lyfe.

  17. I keep hearing all this hype about radeon. I’ll believe it when I see it. Nvidia is cash grab but they’re also just better product. You guys love to fanboi on the AMD.

  18. Uncut Gems is a masterpiece. It felt really strange to watch, but I couldn’t stop watching. My God that plot twist at the end.

  19. Gotta get real. 10nm high performance won’t exist. Clocks will never be achieved even if they can do more cores.

  20. if AMD had released the 5600XT as it was at first, gamers and enthusiast would have unlocked the potential of the chip. It would have been an overclocking legend.

  21. Regarding water cooling. I’ve been using the same open loop over and over on all my systems over the years since 2004. Only changed the coolant 3 times, last time in 2011? I think.

    Been flawless.

  22. I’ve used AIOs since those first gen OEM Asetek ones as well. I agree most of the issues are likely from off brands with less reliable pumps and tubing. I’ve had no issues with Cooler Master or Corsair.

  23. I think the 5600 was suppost to just smash the 1660 and be a overclockers delight but then with the nivida price drops they released the bois update to remain competitive.

  24. Kinda a weird random note but I think about it every podcast lol The way Dan talks with his cadence and inflections constantly reminds me of Mike Matei from AVGN XD

  25. A lot of PC gamers almost seem to be indoctrinated in hating OLED because of potential burn in problems (which are more of less solved with new OLED tech), and yet they think spending $700 on a 240hz TN that has <700:1 contrast ratio and color reproduction so bad that their "high refresh" image looks like soup is just fine. We have sub 1ms response times, perfect colors and infinite contrast ratio right now with OLED, but on the off chance that burn in might happen (which probably means the screen is faulty and covered by warranty) they'd rather go with the screen that looks like trash out of the box day one.

  26. If undervolting fixes most of the problems that you see with your gpu, then it’s most likely a faulty gpu or your power supply is not of great quality. In fact, the first thing that you should check if you start experiencing problems with your computer is the psu, they seem very sturdy and inconspicuous devices, but they often fail in very weird and difficult to detect ways.

  27. Dudes the EVE spectrum 4k monitor will be amazing, you can just use RIS or Nvidias ditto to upscale 1440p to 4k: you get the most benefits of both (4k and 144Hz), and to top it all off you could just upgrade the GPU in the future to one that supports the full spec, it’s gonna be next on my list after getting a good GPU whenever those are available (I already have a 27″ 1440p 144Hz monitor).

  28. 1650 super is $10 cheaper while performing better due to stronger compression.

    The 5500 xt 8GB is also weaker than the 1660.

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