Support for PCIe Gen4 has been a long-running subject for pre-X570 boards like B450 or X470. It seemed like this feature was enabled by motherboard vendors. We saw Asus put out a complete list of compatible boards, Biostar also enabled it and Gigabyte was the first company spotted with the feature in the F40 bios update.

Well now, It looks like Gigabyte is pulling the feature out of their boards in their latest F42A Bios Update. This new Bios also comes with the Updated microcode from AMD. This revised Agesa Microcode comes in to address a couple of issues with Ryzen 3000 processors like high voltage at idle, the Windows event logger bug and others.

Since the Gigabyte Bios Update came with an AMD microcode update, it’s unclear which one disabled PCI-E gen 4 functionality. If gigabyte was the one removing it, that’s fine, since it was added functionality in beta bios but if the Microcode update is the one that affects compatibility that means AMD might be cracking down on PCIE Gen 4. Now we won’t know which one is the culprit until all motherboard vendors update the microcode. Gigabyte is the only one that rolled out Agesa 1-0-0-3 ABB so we’ll know more by them.

I really hope this was a gigabyte decision because some customers might have purchased an ASUS or Biostar board specifically for the advertised functionality. I know I would have if I was in the market for a new PC right now. If it is gigabytes decision than people who bought an ASUS or Biostar board would benefit from the bug fixes in the new microcode, but its AMD’s then you might have to choose between bug fixes and PCIe Gen4.

I know that pre-X570 boards weren’t meant to support it and that AMD says it’s not supported but motherboard vendors test that kind of thing. That’s why Asus has a list of compatible boards where some just don’t support the standard.

No PCIe 4.0 for pre-X570 Gigabyte : https://bit.ly/33gfDtc
X570 board with LGA 1151 Mounting Holes : https://bit.ly/2YHoEM7
ASUS RX 5700 XT Overclock : https://bit.ly/2ZxMiYQ
PowerColor Red Devil RX 5700 XT : https://bit.ly/2OFE53C
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  1. According to GBT_Matthew on Twitter (Gigabyte Employee) the change is due to the AGESA ABB.()
    at the same time, someone in the comment section of the article says that the update to F42b did not remove the PCIe 4.0 option in the BIOS. No further testing has been done so far.

    Thanks to @Wayne Jennesse in the comments for pointing me towards the reddit thread. I will keep an eye on the topic to see if Gigabyte comments on it or if AMD does.

  2. Update AGESA ABBA
    Improve Destiny 2 gaming compatibility
    PCIe Gen4 disabled when using a 3rd Gen Ryzen (Matisse) CPU due to this new AGESA … so is up for gen 2 and 1?

  3. the 400 series would overheat. only x570 has cooling enongh in and under pcie 4.0 on mb. it was false to give 300 400 series that was only made for x570 MB rds 300 400 series would be limited to pcie 3.0 only. lets us hear if some one has gotten pcie 4.0 on pcie 3.0 motherboards. now im at asus prime x570-p with 3200 o.c ram (3800) auto overclocked o.c but motherboard itself. it recomands only 1200 doh inside BIOS uefi. and with bios 2005 it became more stable.

  4. looks like people are misunderstandings what it mean when AMD say “pcie 4.0 will only be on 500 series boards and NOT support on 400, 300 boards” don’t make purchases on rumors.

  5. Why are so many ppl getting this wrong? It was never officially supported/supposed to be in anything other than the x5## series boards. They didn’t ‘remove’ it, it was never intended to be there to begin with. And if it was, it’s the MoBo manufacturer, not AMD, that adds it. -.-

  6. And so much with that backwards compatibility…amd begin be autosuficiente…like intel are before ryzen gen appear.

  7. Safely supporting PCIe 4 is probably the main reason nearly all of those X570 boards have active cooling. If you want to use it on an older board that is not meant for that, it’s your risk to take, but I’m pretty sure the vendors are not going to give you warranty service for it.

  8. there’s plenty of AMD coolers out there, yeah, there’s way more intel ones, but honestly, you’re on drugs. Plenty Of AMD cpu cooler to pick from.

  9. High idle voltage doesnt matter as long as it isnt a high amp workload. When you run CBr20 it doesnt go over 1.39v max. At idle it runs like….20 watts total on the 3600.

  10. yeah, AMD rollback PCIe 4.0 from old motherboard, people complain, motherboard kill graphic card, how they fuck up…. people stop this shit complaining.

  11. My rx 5700xt running raijintek morpheus II core cooler atm. Temps 30-60c idle and gaming. Only memory still similar to stock which is around 80c+ when gaming. Gonna find copper memory heatsinks to replace the aluminium heatsink by raijintek.

    2100mhz @ 1150mv
    900mhz memory
    Power 50% +
    2x noctua fan connect to mobo 1800rpm.

  12. I got the agesa update for my Gigabyte X470 Mobo. My idle temps dropped 10-15 degrees on average and the idle voltage behaves much better.

  13. Well this sucks because the sole reason I bought Asus TUF X570 was because of pcie gen 4. I doubt Newegg will give me a refund and let me exchange for an older mobo. I feel ripped off now. I couldve paid like 100 CAD less for a good X470 or B450

  14. Disabling support of new features on old mobos, even though they are capable of it, that’s one heck of an intel move!

  15. The strix 5700 xt will be priced at £529.99 that’s a complete rip off the duel evo will be £428.99 & the tuf gaming x3 will be £458.99
    The ROG Strix Radeon RX 5700 XT and RX 5700 will be available worldwide on August 16, 2019.
    The ASUS TUF Gaming X3 Radeon RX 5700 XT and RX 5700 will be available worldwide on August 23, 2019.
    The ASUS Dual Radeon RX 5700 EVO will be available worldwide on August 30, 2019.

  16. I just bought an Aorus B450 M last week for a Ryzen 5 2600. I upgraded the Bios from F30 to F42a even though I don’t have a 3rd Gen CPU because I might in a year or two. I don’t feel bad about losing PCI Gen 4 because I don’t have any devices that use it.

  17. I actually plan to see if the AIO that came with my FX processor will fit an X570 board, if not I’ll will do what I need to do to make it for. That thing still working strong. That way people think I have an FX processor when I actually have a Ryzen CPU.

  18. thay give us and thay take it away 🙁 my Aorus b450 had it and hasn’t gen4 , not bothered really Ive nothing 4th gen anyway but I feel ive lost something more the less.

  19. I feel [email protected]#&ed up cuz i bought one of the highest end of b450 board at the time (asus strix b450-f) and it neither supports pcie 4.0 (i know it shouldnt but still) and neither ryzen 9 🙁

  20. Re PCIe 4.0 I seem to recall AMD explicitly saying that it would be blocked on X470, with customers required to choose whether they wanted PCIe 4.0 on the beta firmware or up to date firmware. Re the mini ITX cooler, I think the stated reasoning in the Computex videos covering the board was that the AMD cooler clips required a larger keep-out zone around the socket than the Intel mounts, so going Intel allowed more space for other stuff on the board.
    Edit: A few links re AMD are and and … Steve from Gamers Nexus said in a video that the AGESA code is delivered to motherboard manufacturers as a binary blob, so theoretically they could go through and find which bit(s) to flip to re-enable PCIe 4.0 on older platforms, but it would take a lot of work (and have to be repeated for each AGESA update).

  21. i am still playing with new computer builds until most of the bugs with ryzen is ironed out.

    that and I go from cheapest x570 builds to bling case ones

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