AMD vs Intel Logo Animation .

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  1. AMD is killing it at the processor wars, but man they suck at marketing.
    I literally had to search for the AMD jingle, while the Intel’s one is found everywhere.

  2. it’s a tough fight between which one is better but AMD’s does remind me of the early 2000s and I do love that. The AMD one reminds me of the PS2 startup for some reason and I love it

  3. Go Intel! Intel’s better. Don’t judge me😎

    Intel’s Pros:
    Iconic 4 note tune
    Iconic logo
    Animations are insanely cool
    Insanely good processors
    More people use Intel than AMD (Get PWN’D, AMD!)
    Beautiful color scheme of blue and white

    Intel’s Cons:
    None! Intel is THE BEST

    I 💙 Intel
    No hate AMD, but you aren’t as legendary as the #1 processor brand in the world!

  4. Amd is cooler than intel the music is well badly damaged im giving intel 7 likes

    Amd is the coolest logo ever because of the music

  5. Intel is really Leap Ahead. Intel’s technology leaps far from AMD about 3~4 years! before AMD Zen comes… (ps. i am Intel and AMD fanboy.)

  6. I honestly don’t give a shit whether AMD or Intel is better. My computer runs on AMD and it runs perfectly fine. Don’t know what the Intel fanboys are complaining about. My family has had plenty of computers. My mum had a Windows 7 with intel. The motherboard died ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°).

  7. @Ionutz304 Yes because we are going to take advice from someone that says “more better.” Go back to first grade idiot

  8. There’s no AMD CPU out there that can even closely match a Sandy Bridge.

    I am loving my i5-2500K, overclocks like a beast. I am keeping this for many years.

  9. @gabrocki Actually I just built an AMD Athlon ii x2 250 computer with a good graphics card(9600 GT) and it runs it just fine. Games only use about 2 cores max, and playing a powerful game is using the full CPU if it is a dual core, so I give you that one. However it still is playable to the max if no other program is running in the background.

    And i dont care if u were not talkin to me. Your on youtube you fool, everybody can see your comments,and each one has a reply button.

  10. @adolf512 not exactly, the i5 2500/2500k Sandy CPUs have 6MB of effective cache (those are the cpus im considering to buy). the i7 2600k has 8MB of effective cache. the i5 only has 6 afaik…:D

  11. @InfectiousGamerTech i know… moron.
    but if CPUs arent that important, try to play BFBC2 with a dual core CPU…
    but hey, i wasnt talking to you anyway.

  12. @gabrocki ive watched that video. If you notice at the end, the AMD had issues running SLI GTX 590 cards. When they both ran crossfire, they both tied. It is clearly an issue with the SLI drivers/GTX 590 Dual GPU graphics drivers on the AMD platform, as SLI is new to AMD, while its been around longer for Intel.

    Both are great processors. Both will suit any gamers needs. Gaming comes most from graphics, not ALL CPU. Use your brain.

  13. @XxVash28 no, these are just facts… dont believe me? i dont give a shit, AMD fanboy.
    go and watch one of the latest videos of LinusTechTips where he compares the 1100T to the i5 2500K (these CPUs have the same price)

  14. @adolf512 im thinking of buying a new PC but i think i can only choose a great CPU because im not building it yet. i am waiting for the bulldozers for 2 reasons:
    -we will see how they perform and i might get one if its worthy.
    -the other cpu prices will drop, probably. so i can get an amazing cpu for a lower price ^^

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