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As part of TechRadar’s PC Gaming Week, we’ve pitted the two titans of the CPU world against each other.

In the red corner, we have AMD, the plucky pretender to the throne that’s had a rough few years out in the wilderness, but has now come out swinging with its new line of Ryzen CPUs.

In the blue corner, there’s Intel, the current world champion – but for how long?

Prices for the two: The Fierce PC Imperial Clash – Intel Edition goes for £1,849.95 (around $2,350, AU$3180), while the Fierce PC Imperial Clash – AMD Edition is priced at £1,819.95 (around $2,300, AU$3100).

To find out we’ve matched up and tested both machines against GTA V, The Division, Firestrike, Skydiver and Timespy.

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  1. I don’t understand why price is considered a factor in performance. You’re either faster and better at a particular task or you’re not. Price only becomes a factor when people go out and buy a product, but the fact remains that intel is better for gaming purposes. If you want to multi-task and do a bunch of other crap, then go for the Ryzen. But if gaming is your primary concern, then intel is the choice. I’m sick of these idiots who refuse to pay the extra money for better gaming performance defending Ryzen as if it’s a better gaming CPU. Ryzen is great for content creating, but for PURE gaming, it falls embarrassingly short compared to intel.

  2. Which gaming CPU would be better for running battle royale games or something like Insurgency Sandstorm?

  3. Intel: 4 – AMD: 1

    Winner: Intel, although most AMD CPUs are cheaper and the company has better customer service. (from what I have experienced)

  4. it’s very simple…Pick Ryzen if you want cost-effectiveness and future-proofing, pick Intel if you want the extra performance and are willing to pay for it.

  5. intel world champion !!! loool u guys hahaha omg dude AMD put intel on corner to mutch
    times u guys dont know it , google it

  6. I prefer amd because the reason that it need very low power and it doesnt even get high tempreture somewere to like 20-40% and intel 50-80%

  7. This is fake …i m a big fan of intel but review is showing wrong ..
    Guys i got a say this time AMD is winner ..

  8. Intel will always dominate the Gaming scene… Intel has cornered the gaming market just like Microsucks (Microsoft) with OS’s and Apps….

  9. Intel has been better for gaming for ages, still is.. AMD still trying to catch up.. Keep at it AMD.. maybe one day! Better for consumers.

  10. Ryzen isn’t optimized for gaming. It’s a workhorse CPU that’s also a capable gaming CPU when needed to be. But it shines best for working loads.

  11. How convenient that you picked two games and both were Intel ready games. Why didn’t you use Ashes of The Singularity (most common benchmarking game today) or Battlefield 1? Because Ryzen destroys Intel in those games…

  12. The AMD uses a much lower frequency that Intel, yet it does fairly well…If same frequency I’m sure the Ryzen would beat out this Intel CPU…

  13. Advising people to buy a quad core is utterly stupid, games will only develop to take advantage of more cores.

  14. Considering price I’d still choose AMD because a couple FPS in a game vs hundreds of dollars is a big factor.

  15. what resolution are you testing. My god this is the worst review/showdown ever. AMD will almost always loose in a 1080 gameplay. And the point is not who is faster, is that AMD is so much cheaper, at the same performance, that’s why AMD wins.

  16. The Ryzen 1700 is terrible at gaming, so why not use at least the 1700x and the price difference as well? What noobs

  17. Well some info missing. If you like me that also use their box for content creation it is Ryzen all the way. With the right card everything plays over 60fps and you get one hell of a chip for your workflow at a great price. Good times.

  18. Where are the minimum fps or frame times? How about the price difference? What mbo’s did you use anyway? Did you oc the ram or ran it on default? You call this a showdown, what a joke xD

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