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A review of the AOC 24G2U (24G2). Refer to the written piece for further analysis and information on supporting our work.

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Features & Aesthetics= 2:48
Contrast= 6:27
Colour reproduction= 10:56
Responsiveness= 19:13

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  1. People will naturally be wondering about the comparison between this model and the older C24G1. Note that the C24G1 isn’t being “replaced” by this model and will coexist for a while. It’s a bit of an apples to oranges comparison. Overall, the 24G2U is the better performer. More vibrant and consistent colour and gamma output, better pixel responsiveness, no issues with subpixels that would affect text clarity. Some users like the curve of the C24G1, would appreciate the stronger contrast or prefer the more natural and subdued colour output. It’s also worth mentioning that the MBR function (some users like to use this) is actually better on the C24G1 due to lower strobe crosstalk. There is no ‘best choice’, it depends on your individual preferences and what you value from the image, really.

    Relevant discussion thread – .

  2. i have low gamma( cant see in dark) when playing games on this monitor no matter if i turn everything up

  3. I’ve heard this monitor has a problem with display port connection causing monitor to can not wake from screen off state.

  4. An amazing review. Thank you for a great job!
    We don’t have a great variety of Monitors where I live, but I was able to find this one (24G2U) and the CQ27G2. I currently use an old 22″ TN screen, but my TV where I play consoles games at is (old) VA screen. I play around 2-3 hours per day (veteran/old gamer) but nothing competitive this days. That being said, I assume I’m not completely oblivious to Video, as I can pretty much know when a game drops below 60FPS (and that’s very annoying to my eye), and I can easily notice the infamous VA glow. To be honest, most of the games I buy are Indie titles, that are not very demanding. I’m buying a new setup so I can catch some of the latest triple A games (I’m still going to play mostly indie games though) and I’m not sure which screen would be a better fit. Is a smaller IPS screen is preferred over bigger and more immersive VA screen in your own opinion? you mentioned in the review smearing issues are less visible on 144hz. But it seems like even recent hardware struggle to output 144FPS to recent games, so it means I most likely more often going to hang around the 100FPS zone?

  5. Wow I didn’t even hear 5 minutes but I am sure he deserves much more it’s like half hour review sooooo big I will watch this video for sure in this week nice work

  6. Would you recommend using the sRGB mode if the high brightness doesn’t bother me, or should i just use the wide color gamut? I have not bought this monitor yet because I’m afraid i will not enjoy it if the colors don’t look like the developers intended.

  7. Thank you so much. I just ordered a 24G2 from Amazon finally. Its been sold out for months. Hoping it works great on my Xbox Series S. 🙂

  8. Excellent review. I hit a jackpot by finding this, answered all my questions and made me feel way more familiar with this monitor. Thank you so much, wish you a happy 2021!

  9. This is a great review, one of the most detailed. I’m trying to upgrade from an Acer S220HQL, 6 years old now to a new 1080p monitor. After a couple of weeks research I’m stuck between the 24G1 (for better contrast and colors and curved panel) or one IPS panel, either the 24G2u/bk (has some USB ports extra, I think) or the Acer Nitro XV240YP that you talked about here

    I’m playing RPGs such as Skyrim, Witcher, strategies like Crusader Kings and Total War but also play LoL as the only online game, do office work (QGIS and others, but I can keep using the Acer for that), and to watch content, movies and series.

    I’m inclined to go for the Acer, looks great, seems like similar performance and right now is about 20 GBP/Euros cheaper where I’m from, but I can’t decide on one to save my life.


  10. a year later this review really helped me. That mentioning of the fact that the screens matte finish isnt as overbearing as others was crucial, thanks.

  11. Just found your channel. One word. Wow! Your review is fantastic. I watch Hardware unboxed who are great however you go into such detail about the monitor which gives insight how it would be own and use daily. There is also no B roll which is refreshing and I can imagine how it would look as if I owned it. One thing I also like is you put the specs in the thumbnail so it’s easy to pick a monitor. Please keep it going. It’s fantastic 🙂

  12. Hi, I am a designer and I had been recommended the LG 24MK430H, but when I saw this I liked it a lot and I would not mind paying more. My question is: The color and quality of the IPS panel of the AOC and the LG are very similar, the AOC is better and is it worth it? Thanks.

  13. Is it better to set the monitor to 100hz or 70 hz if you only manage 70fps in a game or is it best to use 144 either way

  14. Hi sir. I wanna ask if this is better for me or the asus tuf vg249q1r 23.8″ 165hz. My cpu is ryzen 5 3600. My gpu is msi rtx 2060 ventus xs oc.

  15. Your reviews are brilliant and the detailed review on your website are so helpful! I am looking to buy a screen to WFH and occasionally game and i am torn between this and something like the dell U2419H which is now a similar price. I work mostly with excel so accurate colour isn’t too important for me. What would you advise or is there another screen i should perhaps consider? Thanks so much!

  16. I subscribed to your channel becouse this review is a professional one and you know what you are talking about. I really appreciate it thanks.

  17. I just bought the E version of this 24G2E which is the stand is steady and you can’t rotate the monitor. Really great value for its price! I just used the settings in your review.

  18. I am currently looking for a new monitor but i can’t decide between this one (24g2g) or the asus (vg249q) could someone help me out?

  19. Is this monitor still good in a dark room? I mean like motion blur, smearing, IPS glow. Btw nice video

  20. Hi just found the channel, really nice content and well-spoken.
    My 24g2u will be here in a few day so…how much backlight bleed/ips glow would you deem acceptable?
    I have no experience with ips, so i wouldn’t know how much is too much (particularly for this unit) and wether i should get a replacement or not.

  21. In terms of input lag, do you know if the Asus TUF VG249Q is the same like on this monitor ? Its my main buying concern as I play games like csgo overwatch and league so I dont want to feel any delay .

  22. thanks to you i bought my 24g1 a few months back (as this one was still not available anywhere in my country at the time) being aware of its drawbacks. Still a great buy. Thanks again

  23. hi man i was wondering when u tested this monitor did it have backlight bleed ?
    would appreciate your answer and thank you.

  24. Hello. Can you get 144 hz with 1060 3gb gpu with this monitor? I would like to buy it and idk Is it worth it? I dont really care about games. Just movies and work. And What about sharp, is this monitor very sharp? I dont really like sharp screen, it can hurt eyes. Thank You

  25. Great review!
    What you think is better choice between this AOC and Asus VG249Q if both are similar price?
    They seems similar, but can’t decide what to buy.

  26. I don’t know if it was mentioned in the video, but do you believe that the brightness of the monitor is good enough for casual gaming? (Non-competitive)

  27. Is the picture quality differende between the 75hz model and this model big ? Here in germany i only can get the 75 hz version and i am a console gamer.

  28. your reviews are very helpful and covers almost everything. 1 thing i dont really see mentioned are the cables that come with the monitor alot of monitors with a display port dont ship with one so i like to know ahead of time

  29. Its possible to use the monitor for the ps5 with 120hz via HDMI? Does anyone has the technical knowledge to confirm that:)?

  30. How can I access the speakers? When I click 24G2W1G4 (2- NVIDIA Definition Audio) No sound comes from my monitor at all. I have the 24g2u so there are supposed to be speakers.

  31. Any opinion on this monitor vs MSI Optix G241 (IPS flat panel) ? This AOC 24G2U is impossible to find on where i live so im thinking to buy the MSI monitor as alternative (heard they both use same Panda panel). But since i cant find the MSi model review on your site im hesitate to buy it 🤔

  32. I got two of these monitors for my dual monitor setup. Love them and the effort you put into your reviews!

  33. If only this monitor didn’t go out of stock in 5 minutes. Probably going to have to settle for the C24G1.

  34. Hi, i was wondering how much brightness effect overall quality, because this AOC 24G2/27G2 had only 250 nits where as LG 27GL650F for example had 400 nits.. ? Which should i choose between two, other spec is quite similiar i think…

  35. Awesome review and very informative on all aspects of the monitor. This was among one of the monitors in my list. Might just consider buying this.

  36. Everyone should find their hidden talent that they can become an expert in and give value to others. This video is proof you’ve found yours, extremely awesome review and video man I don’t normally comment but had to share how much I appreciate the effort you put into this

  37. Do you think it’s worth it upgrading from the aoc G2590PX to this one?
    I would get IPS quality but im worried if backlight bleeding and ips glow are noticeable (and recurrent) as other ips models.

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