Respawn has said that it truly is having considerable actions to a resolution for the continuous DDoS problems that have been plaguing  Apex Legends for the final couple months, adding that they are just as annoyed as the gamers.

A DDoS assault overloads a server with requests, ensuing in all gamers in that lobby finding disconnected and as a end result frozen in activity. The hackers carrying out the attack will then rejoin the similar server following a few minutes, and eliminate all the frozen gamers to improve on their own up the leaderboards.

Apex Legends DDoS

Various stories throughout Twitter and Reddit have been created by gamers who declare that these destructive hackers are earning use of these DDoS assaults, in particular in rated lobbies, to give on their own an unjust advantage, to get rank in the match though the victims of the attacks are staying knocked out from the games and dropping RP as a consequence.

Communications director Ryan Rigney manufactured a assertion in a Reddit AMA very last month that they had been exploring several strategies for addressing the fears. Rigney also said Respawn is taking into consideration far more really serious effects like authorized motion in selected instances.

Respawn security analyst Conor Ford tweeted that the DDoS scenario is getting addressed by direct software package engineer Samy Duc. He also said that It wasn’t the best resolve but methods are staying built to choose care of the trouble. He included that 31 abusers have been shadow banned in the meantime. 

Apex Legends has been dealing with its share of disorderly players as the conclude of 2020 noticed about 419 best-rated gamers get the ban for exploiting a glitch that allowed them to conquer up Bronze players for attaining effortless RP. To insert much more disgrace to injury, Respawn’s other online games have also been suffering from DDoS attacks. Both of those Titanfall game titles have been working with the exact assaults for quite a few past weeks.

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