How to fix your CH340 Arduino so the USB works!
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If you get an error in device manager when you connect your Arduino or FTDI cable- you may have a different chip sometimes called a CH340. Windows does not currently automatically download the drivers for this so your component is not assigned a COM port.

Download the CH340 driver here and you will be all set:

Plug in your Arduino, FTDI cable, or other micro controller and run the exe. That’s it! This problem seems to common on what people call the “Arduino clones” and “clone boards” but it actually has nothing to do with the source or board- it is purely the serial communication chip used. Easy fix!

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  1. I just got this board this week and had the same problems with the drivers that everyone else had. Here are the steps I took to fix the problem.

    As of 06/27/2019 for Windows 10 using Arduino IDE Version: 1.8.9 :

    1: Download the driver from WCH . I had no problems with this website and the website and the driver contained nothing malicious in my opinion.
    2: With your board plugged in, install the driver.
    3: On your machine go to Device Manager->(COM & LPT)->Right click on the board [CH340]->Update Driver->Browse->Pick from list->Choose the latest update.
    4: In the Arduino IDE Tools->Processor->ATmega328P (Old Bootloader).
    5: In the Arduino IDE Tools->Board->Arduino Nano.
    6: In the Arduino IDE Tools->Port->Select the COM port where your Nano is connected.

    From here I was then able to upload programs to the board.

  2. Wonderful video! I managed to get two boards that I thought were faulty back working again. One of my boards, however, doesn’t want to upload any code despite installing the driver and selecting the old boot loader. It did come with the block sketch installed, so does anyone have any ideas?

  3. Thanks so much for sharing, that was very helpful for me and I did, it worked, but after a few days, this error appeared and it no longer works: “Windows has stopped this device (Code 43).
    “There are 3 USBs on my laptop, but none of them work with this type of Arduino. While there is no problem at all with Arduino UNO and works well.
    I even uninstalled, updated all USB drivers, also did the power settings, but it still doesn’t work. I’m in the middle of a project.
    Hers’s what I have done so far and the problem is still not solved:
    1- unchecked: Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power
    2- Disabled USB selective suspend settings
    3- Check for updates
    4-Search automatically for updated driver software
    5- Uninstalled Universal Serial Bus controllers and even all the USBs
    6-Updated BIOS

  4. Thank you! This helped me a lot. It was a little bit sketch to go on some Chinese website and download some random driver, but it worked perfectly right after installing.

  5. for some reason, i kept getting this message ‘The drive is successfully pre-installed in advance’ after installing the ch340 driver. I check device manager and nothing’s changed and the problem is still there.
    i have set the AT mega 328p(old bootloader)
    in device manager
    my computer see’s that my arduino uno is on com 4
    but when i plug in the arduino nano com 4 vanishes
    and shows no nano connected
    Any help will be very helpful to me. Thanks

  6. Thank you man ! You saved a lot of time. By the way, in my situation, installer gave an error message but accidentally check device manager and I saw it was installed.

  7. When the driver set up box looks like something out of 1995, you know you’re going to have a bad day. I did all of this and my NodeMCU 8266 still doesn’t work. Granted, I haven’t had time to faff about with it, I have plenty of fully working ESP32 dev kits to use instead.

  8. Thank you for this,I’ve been having issues for a few hours, finally got my laser working because of this video

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