Wifi lights on modem blink w/all devices off

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  1. This is an amp draw problem. Things like using extension cords with power strips, power strips with power strips plugged in to them, or if you are using a widow air conditioner without surge protecting the modem can cause this issue.

  2. my exact same box was fine for about 2 years and I used all kinds of wifi connections with it. the other this is all my wifi light does is blink like crazy. I called comcast they said yea that’s what the light does when you use the wifi. I find that hard to believe as this hasn’t happened in 2 years. yet since last week it’s always on.

  3. I updated to X1 service and it allows me to make my modem a no wi-fi hotspot. You are correct “cbrecordguy”, I disabled my wifi hot-spot through “my account” page.

    XBL2197, my modem has also stopped blinking. I am not sure what happened; however, my LAN connection and Wi-Fi for my tablet is faster by not being a hotspot.

    vaac3057670, I have no open book symbol on my modem. I hope your problem has been solved by now.

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