Going over the BIOS on the ASUS PRIME X570-PRO Motherboard. Check out our full review of the motherboard here: http://bit.ly/2jUHNI8

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  1. Waow, u clown tellin me absolutely nothing.delete this video you fool and stop wasting my time, and everybody else’s time. Clown

  2. How can you run at normal settings when you have 3200mhz of RAM? You have to overclock motherboard. Im lost

  3. is it normal for the DRAM Status showing speed at 2133MHz while at Information showing memory speed at 3600MHz?

  4. Mine is sooo slow. I have asus x570-pro. Version 3001. Bios running sooo slow. Using ryzen 5600x @3200mhz

  5. My brand new pc will only boot with one stick of RAM. Where do I access the settings in bios so I can boot with 2?

  6. I can’t set my USB flash drive in boot priority, nor does my MOBO detect USB? I have a functional USB drive, yet I’m unable to install windows through it. Which setting do i need to input in the bios to make it happen? Please assist. It’s frustrating.

  7. The motherboard manual says the aio_pump can not be controlled via Q-Fan panel and will run at full speed.. You could just simply investigate this in the video instead of telling your guess..

  8. I like this BIOS since it is very clean to me perosnally, but they lack of instruction of as what anything does, unlike with MSI boards

  9. Bro, does this MB has the “Above 4G Decoding” option available?
    i searched through all the options and i didn’t found it, I’m missing something?

  10. My SSD which has windows 10 installed is not appearing in the boot priority, but it is in the storage information. Computer was working fine then i reset the cmos. What could be the issue here?

  11. I see your PCH fan speed is around 2600 rpm. 1900 is already audible and annoying to me and mine sometimes gets to 2400 rpm. How have you been dealing with what sounds like coil whine?

  12. Does anyone know where to turn on the motherboards hdmi on this? I can’t find it for the life of me

  13. Thanks for the video. It’s much easier to see than the small ASUS owner’s manual that came with my ASUS Prime X570 PRO motherboard. I can barely read that. I put my new system together and it is running very well for several weeks. I am now about to dive into the BIOS, albeit in a small way. I’ll check things over and turn the Aura off. I will likely turn that D.O.C.P. on and see how that goes. I don’t plan any major overclocking. I have the AMD 3700X with a Noctua cooler, the one with the 90 mm fan.

  14. How long does your system boot? I have ryzen 5 3600xt, 32gb ram, tuf gaming x570 and it loads 37 seconds. Is that normal?

  15. Man, I just wanted to know how to exit the bios and finally boot up my pc. Now I’m even more confused

    Edit: I was still running Windows 7. Motherboard only runs on Windows 10

  16. Hi I noticed that your CPU voltage was anywhere between 1.44 – 1.48V. I don’t overclock my computer but it is still sitting at the voltage. is that normal? I’m a first time PC builder and chose a RYZEN 7 3700 for my CPU. Thanks!

  17. Anybody help me plz i just build my pc but I’m stuck on the bios it keep saying i don’t have a device to boost

  18. Hi, can you go into CPU core voltage, set to manual and see what’s the maximum number you can set? On Crosshair VI I have 1.7v.

  19. Hey I have a question. Everytime I turn on my pc it goes straight to the bios. Then I have to press F8 and then click what to boot it to. Is there any fix to this?

  20. need help. how to setup or enable to use dual monitor. ive got my monitor connected to my gpu via hdmi. and ive got another monitor that is connected to the motherboard hdmi port. but i doesnt work.

  21. Hi my motherboard is not detecting my gen 3 m.2 M.2_2 slot it detecting every other drive even the one on the M.2_1 which is a gen 4 m.2, I’ve tried updating bios not working, I’ve also tried changing it to gen 3 as opposed to gen 4 its still not detecting, please help

  22. The 1.48 idle voltage is pretty high no? It’s the exact same with my 5800x, just doesn’t feel right having it that high.

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