Buy the Asus ROG Strix XG27UQ from Amazon:
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Alternatives to consider:
-Acer Nitro XV273K: The Asus’ closest competitor
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-Acer Predator X27: 4K, 144Hz with FALD
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The ASUS PG27UQ alternative to the X27:
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Video timestamps:
-Intro & pricing: 00:00
-DSC support: 01:08
-Specs: 02:23
-Stand & design: 03:34
-OSD: 05:34
-Image quality: 07:20
-G-Sync & HDR performance: 10:09
-Competitive gaming: 11:46
-ELMB: 14:38
-Verdict: 15:37

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  1. Buy the Asus ROG Strix XG27UQ from Amazon:
    Video timestamps:
    -Intro & pricing: 00:00
    -DSC support: 01:08
    -Specs: 02:23
    -Stand & design: 03:34
    -OSD: 05:34
    -Image quality: 07:20
    -G-Sync & HDR performance: 10:09
    -Competitive gaming: 11:46
    -ELMB: 14:38
    -Verdict: 15:37

  2. In your opinion what is the best gaming monitor for fps games. im a console gamer and i know the trade off if i do play in 4k 60hz.. sacrifice performance but i would like to enjoy 4k for movies and multimedia. But looking for something with lowestes input lag but still has 4k hdr. Is the XG27UQ the best ?

  3. Very important question for me. Can I put it on my mount setup? I have an Ergotech mount. I can put up to x6 27″ monitors. I currently have 4 24″ monitors and want to add a 27″ 4k monitor to the mix. Will this fit on my mounting system or will any 4k be able to fit on it? What I mean by “fit” is does it have the mounting brackets capable to attach to my mounting brackets? I haven’t found a conclusive video or picture to show what the back looks like to any 4k monitor if you take the stand off that comes with the monitors. Do you have a link or picture to see if it would fit? Or am I SOL?

    Side note: Your link for the monitor leads you to the monitor but for $1,200 on amazon. I found it for $800 on other sites like B&H for example. Just a heads up to anyone who wants to buy it for the normal price.

  4. Is the Asus Rog Strix XG27UQ better than LG 27GN950-B ? How where does the Acer Predator X27 fit in with these two displays ?

  5. This monitor requires a graphics card with DSC for 144Hz, what does that mean? I’ve read about terrible local dimming ?

  6. Don’t buy this monitor guys! With the console they use only 60hz because of hdmi 2.0, not 144hz! Absolute bullshit

  7. Hey which of these monitors would you buy? both are the same price but maybe a little different content.
    Asus 27″ 4K gamingsmonitor ROG Strix XG27UQ
    LG 27″ 4K gamingsmonitor 27GN950
    ? 🙂
    and the other question is, should i have a 4k gaming monitor if i have RTX 3080 or i must have a 3090 or more? 🙂

  8. Gosh, i wish there was a 32″ display with good color reproduction, high refresh rate AND good pixel density to use for both gaming and work station. I mean, i have made out okay with a 27″ asus 60Hz IPS panel which is excellent for Windows related stuff such as video/photo editing, but gaming is not the absolute greatest on it.

  9. Are you sure this is native 10-bit? Every source I can see says it achieves 10 bit via 8bit+FRC.

  10. Hello, very good review. Can you help me. Its a lot of information. I am looking for the best monitor at the moment available with 27 Inches and 4K. I want to use the monitor for the next couple of years. Price does not play any role. What would be the absolute best recommendation. I thought for now this one would be the best one, but before I buy it I want to hear an experts opinion.

  11. When you say it’s not the most responsive panel do you mean compared to all monitors? how responsive is it compared to other 4k monitors? I am looking to upgrade and i found that most 4k monitors are 4ms response time. Is the response time the same as the acer nitro xv273k, these are the only 2 models i can find in stock and i”m wondering which one to get for my next upgrade.

  12. Great review. Coming from a strictly 4k player that’s running a 3090, I can’t find a better monitor for me. Do you have a video showing your hdr dislike vs. noon hdr preferred setting? I’d like to see what you mean, I couldn’t see it

  13. Have you tested the LG 27950 B? How would you say this stacks against that? I’m torn between the 2 because some say the hdr600 on the LG is much better. As well as the design. But i tend to stick with Asus because they make great products. Any information would help since you tested so many.

  14. Hi ! Very cool video ! What should I chose ? This or the Acer Predator XB 3 ? Will it be a problem if I run it at the moment in at 1440p ? I plan to upgrade my system in the future ? Thank you very much

  15. Just a question buddy, I can’t get 144hz out of the monitor. I have a Ryzen 7 CPU, and a RX 580 nitro GPU, and when I go on the monitor properties I can only get 120hz. If you know a solution please advise.

  16. HELP I have the same monitor but for me the whole color section is blacked out and the image section the only thing I can change is hdr I’m on the new Xbox please help me

  17. Even though the Asus ROG Swift PG27UQ is an older model. After reviewing the side-by-side comparison, would you guys say that the newer Asus ROG Strix XG27UQ is better ?

  18. Would you recommend this monitor for showcasing the potential for Series X and PS5?

    Looking for one that’s less than $1000.

  19. That’s a great review! It’s good to know it makes the grade when it comes to competitive gaming. Strange about the contrast ratio though. I hope Asus has an answer for that. I hope you will get a chance to review the LG 27GN950 and compare it!

  20. A lot of people on the Amazon reviews complained about the fan making a lot of noise. Have you had any problems with this?

  21. I’ve had this monitor for a while now and I absolutely love it. The only two things that really bug me involve the SRGB mode and HDR.
    HDR through the PS4 pro seems to lose a lot of detail in bright colours. I think the dynamic dimming in HDR pushes things too far, as turning this setting on in Racing mode results in the same loss of detail.

    My issue with SRGB is more of a me issue. I much prefer the lower gamma and less overblown colours, but the brightness is just ever so slightly too high for my poor eyes and I end up getting a headache. Would love the ability to lower the brightness in SRGB.

    Those two points aside, the monitor is wonderful, I have spent what is to me an unbelievable amount of time and money trying to find a monitor that ticks all the boxes, is enjoyable to use and doesn’t have some glaring flaw.

    To make things even better, my 3080 arrived on Wednesday and this monitor came alive!

    I thoroughly enjoy your reviews and appreciate you putting in the time and effort it takes to make them. Hope you and your family are staying safe in current times.

  22. No testufo for a ghosting reference. 🙁 Seemingly nobody has included it in their review, which there sadly aren’t many of.

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