Try these tips to restore suction to your Proheat 2X Revolution deep cleaner.

Easy to store at home, you no longer have to rent a deep cleaner from the store to refresh your carpets. Deep clean mode offers powerful cleaning and express clean mode offers quick and easy cleaning that dries quickly. The lightweight design and low-profile make it easy to maneuver around and under furniture.

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  1. I rarely comment negatively. Bad day I guess. If I hadn’t lost the manual , I wouldn’t have spent all evening on this. My wife finally found the pdf manual. Freakin clean water tank was empty. I must have sneezed when she mentioned it in video. Would have been helpful if Bissell would have replied to our comments with some questions instead of saying “call us”.

  2. I apologize in advance. I’m sure this will be removed. What a piece of shit. I’m about ready to throw this damn thing out in front yard. Big Trash day is in a couple days. Tried everything recommended on every video I have watched and NO GD SUCTION!!!!!! Bissell has a serious design flaw somewhere. I might as well have poured soapy water on rug and used a scrub brush. Where’s the Tylenol?!?!?

  3. I have had several Bissells over the years and they go down for maintenance about every 6th time you use it. I’m going to have to look into buying a professional carpet machine instead of continuing this madness.

  4. Could not figure out how to get it to suction. NO matter what we did, nothing worked. Finally moved the button on the side from Express clean to Deep clean, and it worked 100%, no issues at all after.

  5. Horrible machine took it for repairs it worked for two minutes and now it’s doing the same thing. Not worth it if you ask me.

  6. Finally couldn’t find anything wrong with it. Took it apart, put it back together and it works.

  7. In watching this video, I realized there is a TOOL to clean it out! I took off the plastic cover over the brushes and used the tool and got out SO much dog hair! VOILA! It is working again!!

  8. Gotta remember to make sure the rubber plug is firmly pressed in the fill tank. Solved my issue.

  9. Poor floor head suction, let’s out too much water at once, the brushes don’t lift up, loud, dirty water tank fills up way to fast and when you hold it upright at “full”, it’s like an inch or two filled. Hard to take apart to fix. This is my 4th carpet washer. Hoover makes such better carpet cleaners than this piece of shit. This is a vacuum collector talking FYI. I know what I’m talking about.

  10. apparently everyone is having suction problems. try this troubleshooting method. take the dirty water tank out and empty it (if full of dirty water) then you can unscrew the bottom and remove the tank guts. clean (with the hose or whatever) and reassemble. the parts inside the dirty tank has a suction turn off float. it is possible to lose suction if dirt inhibits the float from opening up when the dirty water tank is empty.

  11. I vacuumed my carpet and then used the Bissell Proheat X2 for the first time (bought today) and it didn’t suck up the water. I have used/owned many brands over the years and this is the first time this has happened. Terrible Product!

  12. Bought an orange one today from bestbuy to replace a 10 year old hoover. It’s light and seems to work but is only sucking up about 1/2 the water it puts down. Ran many passes and it won’t pull up more unless i push down on the front section.

  13. Absolute piece of crap! No suction, I’ve used it 3 times. I checked ever part of it several times. Gets the carpet nice and wet but still no suction at all. A complete waste of money.

  14. No suction and I have kept it really clean. Only used it a few times. Terrible hassle to clean the machine after use. Buy something else! Better yet rent one.

  15. This helped. I used a watercolor paintbrush bc we did not have the nozzle cleanout tool. I will have to see if this tool is sold anywhere.

  16. Mine quit working during my first use. I took it to a vacuum repair shop and he had nothing positive to say about Bissell and it still doesn’t have suction. $200+ down the drain!

  17. This is THE worst steam cleaner I have EVER had! The cheapest of steam cleaners are a million times better than this brand. Why? Because THEY ACTUALLY WORK! 😠

  18. There is NO dirty water in the dirty water tank. It’s going somewhere – seems to come out the bottom of this machine. Edit to say I just figured something out!!! If you put a little water in the dirty tank before you clean the carpet, the suction is much much better, and the dirty tank actually fills with dirty water! Mine still leaks a little out of the bottom when I do this, but not the entire clean tank leaking out onto the carpet – which is what it was doing. Maybe I don’t have to throw this thing out after all!

  19. These damn machines are a pain in the ass… poorly designed.. there a bitch to replace the large belt..the machine we have is the same one in the video… only a few years old and the damn thing is noisy as hell

  20. This is the idiot version. This is the equivalent of calling tech support when your internet is out and they ask you first to make sure the unit is plugged in.

  21. Add another member to the “no suction” group. We bought this unit a couple years ago, but only used it a couple times because we have mostly tile floors. Needless to say, it’s past the warranty period. Thanks for nothing Bissell!

  22. What do i do if my carpet cleaner isn’t heating? I steam clean over the carpets but the carpet isn’t warm.

  23. I have this steam cleaner and used it for the first time this weekend and it has already broken…won’t suction up the dirty water. I bought it from HSN and of course they are no help since it was purchased over 30 days ago. Ugh…I’m fed up!!!!

  24. I will never buy a Bissell product again. They KNOW there is a problem with it suctioning the dirty water and THAT isn’t covered by their warranty. How convenient.

  25. Mine works fine had it 2 years, you have to maintain it as well , which includes taking the brush area apart and cleaning the belts etc it’s work but needs maintenance every so often . I just Now had to replace a small belt on roller and I got it on Bissell website for model 1551 pro heat 2x pet cleaner , simple fix

  26. This info was useless. I followed the instructions meant for a 5 year old and machine still not suctioning

  27. Don’t buy this piece of crap product. The suctioning ALWAYS malfunctions and it’s not as easy to pop off the guard as this dumb video portrays.

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