Over the years in the shop we have seen a variety of different issues come up with the Bosch ebike system. Most of them are pretty simple to solve. We outlined most of them here and we will be doing more videos in the future. Let us know below if you have some issues with the Bosch system you would like us to diagnose and solve.


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  1. Well explained! But I still have 2 questions.
    1: Is the intuvia display created for charging up my iPhone? Is this recommended since it will affect the internal battery?

    2: I noticed the battery level of my intuvia dispay has 3 bars instead of 5 bars, so I plugged it in a power source but it just don’t want to charge up. Left it plugged it the whole night and it still shows 3 bars on the display. I watched it charging for a bit, when I plug the cable in the display lights go on and after a few minutes the display just shuts off, then after a few minutes the display lights up again, and this cycle goes on all the time without charging it up, what could be the issue? Or is this even an issue? Or should I just leave the display on the bike attached with the battery so It can charge the display this way..?

  2. I have a similar but different problem… when i turn on the Intuvia display the Tacho shows 0.0 km/h and battery is on. If i then switch the Intuvia off, and then on again, then the Tacho and battery do not activate, and no speed is shown…. i can as workaround turn the battery on at the battery itself, so i know the battery is okay. If i wait 60 minutes between switching the Intuvia off and on again, then it works properly with Tacho 0.0 again….. So my question is – is the problem the Intuvia or the Battery?

  3. thanks for the vid, my problem is that the display turns off after 2 seconds of switching on.battery levels are good in the display and main battery.no error message just “see you”. I’ve cleaned terminals – will check for bowing.no service centers in thailand.

  4. This is a really useful video! Thank you. I had an error 530 problem, followed various steps to finally fix it by soldering the same broken green wire as a poster to pedelec had (was a pain). See this very bad video I made:

  5. Hi sir i have carrera bosch purion ebike and my display is not turning on when i press the power button my battery is getting on but my display is not getting on so now it’s not working and some time it’s start working just for 10 15 sec then its stop working can you tell me any solution please i am waiting for your answer and it’s very urgent

  6. Great and informative video. I have the initial problem of the system not turning on all the time. Sometimes it comes up right away with Active Line Plus and the speed, and we are good to go. Sometimes I might have to wait 30 seconds, sometimes I will turn the rear wheel, jiggle with the display, use all the buttons, and this may or may not work (when it refuses to start we will try anything I suppose) If it does not work I might just pedal off unassisted, and maybe after a few km it may come on, or maybe not. I have pedalled home a fair distance unassisted at times. Often when it is working a small bump might switch it off, and it may come back or not. Yesterday I noticed that the bump switched the whole display off, not just the assist. I loosened off the mount yesterday (last time at the shop they obviously tightened it to within an inch of its life) for no change. I wiped all the connectors but really, the external design means they should be fail safe even with a bend in the mount. No corrosion etc evident. I might now try some micro sanding cloths to remove any grease that may be present. I am thinking maybe the problem is a connection somewhere further down the cabling, or a break in one of the circuit boards.

  7. I have a performance line cx with purion, i’m able to charge battery outside but if I try to charge it inside bike through frame port i only see the purion display and battery led turn on but without blinking and no charging, why?

  8. Hi.I have problem e bike bosch error code 410.and I can’t repair it.what must I have to do?just I cleaned it,again same the problem

  9. Hello I have a Bosch system on my 2015 electric bike but a big problem! let me explain:
    when I turn on the intuvia it takes a while to display the km / h and sometimes it goes off after a few seconds sometimes it no longer displays the km / h at all so no assistance and then it comes back and that goes out … In short, the stores near my home (center of France) m “offered to change the battery, which I did and it’s still the same, do you have an idea of the failure please?

  10. Hi Chris. Excellent video. Sadly my issue isn’t covered. I have the same Intuvia display and Bosch motor on a Raleigh Motus. The battery is perfect and records everything. However, no power is coming through. This happened suddenly during a bike ride yesterday. It stopped completely and I cycled on no power for the final 5 miles. But, then suddenly the power kicked in for a few seconds several times during the final 5 miles. When I got home I looked at the sensor and it was out of position although I don’t know how it could have moved as I needed a screwdriver to move it to where I think it should be. Any suggestions please? Many thanks, Ronnie

  11. And my battery isnt going out anymore my key isn’t turning fully in the key gate and I can’t get the battery out anymore I don’t know what I need to do know… do I need to go to the bike shop? Or can you help me please? I think I can’t afford the money they ask to repair because I’m just 13😂

  12. I have a probleem With mg bosch display thing and it wont Connect if it is in it Will go off automatic do you know what I neef to do or else i need to go to the bike shop and ask it there…

  13. My bike won’t turn on from battery or display. Display says”attach to bike” then “see you”. Also, no signal showing battery is charging.

  14. hey there, I got the bosch active line plus with the purion display. i left home and the bike suddenly switched off and won’t start again. The battery shows no error, just the charge level when i press it on from there. when i press the power on from the display, the battery charge level shows but the bike doesn’t turn on. i changed the batteries in the display and still the same?

  15. After not using my ebike for few days, the Bosch Performance CX 2019, was not able to turn, without a great effort. I was able to fix the issue by cleaning a small amount of OIL/dirt around the crank shaft. Have you seen this issue on other BOSCH ?

  16. Hi there! My bike won’t start. I accidentally pressed the ( – ) button for like 5 seconds and now the bike won’t start

  17. today i made a mountain climb on my cube reaction hybrid slt, which I do 3/4 times a week, suddenly I get the error 504.
    my bike is original and not tuned or anything like that. 

    anybody had this and can help me out, I’m living in area where I can’t go to a dealer and update.

    many thanks in advance..

  18. You have a great channel here!! I got a new Riese & Müller Charger 3 GT vario with an Intuvia Display. Everything’s fine but it’s not possible to turn off the lights while riding. On my old bike I could decide to use or not to use the lights. What can i do to switch the lights off while riding? Thanks in advance and greetings from Germany – Axel

  19. Thanks, very useful video. I have a question about my bike: when I press the button on the battery, the intuvia display turns on, but it doesn’t show “0” on the speedometer. As a consequence, the motor does not work. Do you know what could possibly be the problem here?

  20. I wanted to express my thanks for providing the solution to the problem with my wife’s Intuvia display. Since new, her bike would randomly shut off, often on a bumpy road, and need to be re-started. The only solution I had for this problem was keeping the contacts surgically clean. The problem had been getting worse, sometimes shutting off twice or more during a ride. I knew it was contact related, but could not figure out why, and was thinking of replacing the display. Then I watched your video and noted your comment about possible warpage of the mount if it is too tight. So, I checked. It was way too tight as there were no gaps between the halves of the mount. Loosened it until it was movable. The random shut off problem has totally disappeared, and the bike is rock solid reliable now. Many, many thanks!

  21. Chris I had decided to get a Bosch powered bike but since I don’t have any service for Bosch in India do you think it may not be such a wise idea to get one or can these electronics be repaired by a general electrician ?

  22. hi I have a line cx performace with displey purion, I get the error 500, I can’t get it out

  23. Does the USB port really serve to charge the display? Manual for my Power Pack 400 says it’s to accommodate charging cell phones and the like, and nothing on the display says it is itself being charged.

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