this is just one of MANY issues I’ve had with Comcast and trying to pay my bill online. but then they try and charge you if you call and try and pay it. Plus I’ve paid it, had it go thru gotten the “conformation” e-mail.. but then get charged a late fee because it never got to the bank… bank says they never even got a “request” from them.

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  1. Not sure, if you’ve resolved this, by now, but wanted to leave a note regarding my user experience. So, I was fussing with this all day long, and believe I’ve come to a solution. (By the way, I tweeted your video direct to Comcast.) Add your payment information prior, and use only Chrome, not Safari. If you are using Apple, that is. For some reason, Comcast’s website doesn’t respond correctly or to Safari browsers. 

  2. happens to me but i put all my card info down already before it takes me back to that damned screen.

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