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  1. this actually helped alot tysm! deserves a like a sub, none of the other tutorials worked so thanks again!!!

    edit : if i delete 7zip will discord stop working or its alright to delete it?

  2. it wont let me open it it says ”Error: cannot find module ‘discord_desktop_core’ what should i do?

  3. omg bro big thanks like likelikelikelikelikelikelikelikelikelikelikelikelikelikelikelikelikelikelikelikelikelikelikelikelikelikelikelikelikelikelikelikelikelikelikelikelikelikelikelikelikelikelikelikelikelikelikelikelikelikelikelikelikelikelikelikelikelikelikelikelikelikelikelikelikelikelikelikelikelikelikelikelikelikelikelikelikelikelikelikelikelikelike

  4. when it gives you the “yes and no” option there isnt a “yes” button for me, how do i get it?

  5. Thanks a lot man. Although it is a little slow it might just be my pc. Thanks a bunch, Im gonna restart the pc so maybe that will make it run a bit faster. New sub!

  6. Bro thank you so much im not kidding guys im not a bot this actually works. The discord installation has failed error fix works.

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