Learn to clear your hard disk space from cache that gets stored from your Internet Explorer web browser,This Tutorial also explains a method to delete cookies and browser search history.

Internet explorer allows you to choose settings for amount of cache – MB’s and number of days for which you want to store cache in your computer system.

Steps for the same have been explained in this tutorial.

Basics about browser cache – Cache is a temporary file that gets saved in your hard disk every time you open any website on your Internet explorer web browser.

If you face problem in display of images on a website, techies generally recommend to clear cache from your web browser, So latest version of the website can be loaded from the internet.

Basics about Cookies – These are small files that get stored on your computer system that help the website owner to track your site visit,

It is generally used for marketing activities, so that users search preferences can be tracked and suitable ads can be shown.If you don’t want websites to track your search preferences or track visits then it is a wise choice to delete cookies from your web browser.

If you are using a shared computer and don’t want others to view your search history on your Internet explorer browser,You can also learn to delete the same in this tutorial.

By a single click on delete history section, you can enable a setting that automatically leads to deletion of search history every time you exit your Internet explorer browser.

Steps to delete cache and cookies in windows 8

Internet Explorer- Tools or Safety menu- Delete browsing history- select Temporary Internet files and website files, Cookies, website data and History – Delete.

steps to delete cache and cookies in MAC.

Open Internet Explorer -Tools -Safety-Delete browsing history-To delete your cookies, mark Cookies-To delete your cache, mark Temporary Internet Files-Click Delete -Click OK to exit.

This tutorial is made by Harish Bali, who is a social media expert and loves to share short tutorials on use of technology in day today life.

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I hope you enjoyed watching this tutorial on how to clear cache and delete cookies on Internet explorer.

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  3. clear & easy step by step guide to delete your IE cache & browsing history. Good work technofare

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