How to Reinstall Windows 10 Without Losing Data

We have all had trouble with our computers from time to time and we all hate doing a fresh install of Windows, but if you are having the follow computer problems with Windows 10, you can do a repair install.

When is a good time to use repair install for Windows 10?

* Windows start menu not working.
* Windows apps not working.
* Corrupt system files.
* Malware done damage to operating system.
* Failed Windows 10 updates and upgrades.
* Windows Update that has corrupted the operating system.

There are many other reason for doing a repair install of Windows 10, as long as you can get to the desktop, you should be OK to continue. You can’t do a repair install from a booted Windows 10 USB or CD.

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  1. Britec-do you know of any way to fix a Windows 10 installation on another drive that is no longer loading (because the bootloader is damaged), but all the data is intact there?

  2. You’re a life saver like seriously man keep up your work bro you’ve made everyone’s lives so much easier and saved us so much time and money!

  3. I just found this after doing a clean installation😭😭😭😭
    Eish eish eish!!!!

  4. By using this method will my windows be activated?
    Cuz ‘windows not activated’ always shows on my desktop so do this video covers it?

  5. Thank you so much! my windows has been failing to update for a while now and didn’t want to reinstall and lose everything. Again, thank you!!!
    Edit: it said I couldn’t keep my files πŸ™

  6. wont this take up even more drive space because choosing to keep everything im assuming will keep the previous windows installation also and thats alot of wasted space

  7. you saved my pc and hours of reinstalling stuff and configuring again, you’ve got my like and subscribe. Excellent job

  8. Somebody help me… My window 10 showing different errors…. And when I work in just 15 mints its show blue screen and restart…. Can this method help me…. 😭😭😭

  9. Your information is right on. However, unfortunately this process still does not correct the problems with the search in file/windows explorer. I believe this is a Microsoft problem with Windows 10 which MS couldn’t care less about fixing. Thank you.

  10. THIS VIDEO!…. HELPED ME A-LOT! Now I my Windows Update and Security works again. Thank you.😁

  11. Ok we have a issue on our hands and im tired of this fucking shit. My first windows pc and it does not work after a update it is so fucking unsetteling. That this is the procces we have to do whenever something happens.

  12. Ok, what is the 1st step you do here? Download windows 10? How do you do that? I’ve been to Microsoft’s site. I can’t find it. Do you need to pay for it?

  13. I have an issue after i updated windows my fps in games suddenly drop my games workingly fine before i update windows will this resolve my issues?

  14. What I just want to delete windows and keep the files inside. Or if I dont delete windows can I put the drive in another pc without the other pc being affected?

  15. Also need admin rights on everything
    How to get admin rights?
    I use Lenovo yoga less than 2 years ago

  16. Having problems getting new updates for windows 10. Saying to try again later .I tried all the other fixes nothing seems to work. Hopefully this will let me finally repair it. Is this still a relevant fix that I can still try or is it outdated. Thanks. Really appreciate your time and effort. Ray.

  17. Cool, thanks Brian. My Win10Pro is stuck on update version 1803 and hasn’t been able to get pass this version since. It’s now version 20H2 and I’m still having problems. I’ll give your method a go later….fingers crossed. πŸ™‚ Thanks again for the demo.

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