The battle-ready ROG Rapture GT-AC5300 router is designed with just one mission in mind: Make your gaming network awesome. It’s packed with powerful gaming optimizations, and delivers dominating Wi-Fi performance, rock-solid stability and state-of-the-art security.

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  1. Is there a way to create a network and then only add blacklist items to an individual network?

  2. My life sucks I just bought this and my router is upstairs. I didn’t know that this had to be connected to my router at all times, I could get a really long cord but my mom doesn’t want a cord running thru the house and she doesn’t want the modem set up next to me. 🙁

  3. Do you think is it still worth buying this router today or are they gonna make newer model? Because im planning to get one in the next few months

  4. Hello initially set up this router using the mac address option some years ago. I noticed the smart connect option and selected it but the devices I have connected to my 2.4GHz network can’t connect. How do I resolve without resetting, if possible?

  5. My new unit with updated firmware maxes out at 100Mbps for ports 1 and 2. Have a replacement unit coming.

  6. Can you guys invest in an American support team that understands how networks work? As soon as I heard someone from India last night I knew it was going to be poor service.

    I purchase this thing brand new to replace my 6+ year old linksys router. I have fiber with an ONT outside the house, that just terminates to an ethernet connection to the wall. The tech I talked to could not comprehend how am I getting internet without a modem. My ISP does NOT require a modem. I’ve tried everything to get this router to show it has a WAN connection and NOTHING. I now have it daisy chained from the linksys into the WAN port and NOW it works. But that’s not what I want, I want to get rid of the linksys router. Is this thing not capable of working without a modem in between? Your instruction manual on page 16 first picture for “Automatic IP (DHCP)” shows it connecting directly to the wall. Is there a magical connection behind that wall? What is this being so difficult for such an expensive router and why is an 6+ year old linksys able to see a connection on it’s Internet port??????? SO frustrated!!!!!

  7. I just bought this monster in hopes that it’ll run all my home automation stuff. That and I’m a little confused on the VPN accessibility as I’ve read you could allow TVs and things of that nature bypass the VPN and a firmware may have stopped that feature? I have no idea. It’ll either work how I want it to or I’ll send it back, like everything else. =]

  8. Do you need to plug one end of the Ethernet into the gaming router then your internet box or do you have plug on end of the Ethernet into the gaming router into your laptop/pc

  9. I have this router and I would like to ask for your guidance on how to set it up with ExpressVPN? Anyone?

  10. I live in a 7000 sq ft home and I have Ethernet in every corner. What’s the best way to set this system using the mesh units?

  11. I have the router asus rog GT-AC2900 and now my ps4 NAT type always fails. I did everything, enabled port forwarding and added my ps4 ip address with the game in the game boost option but still the nat type fails. Please help

  12. I know im late but thanks 🙏 im thinking about getting a pc and this router for chrsitmas

  13. Is this a simple replacement for an att router? Meaning i just plugin, set up and return the att router

  14. A nice “how to” would have been how do you factory reset this fucken thing. I’ve forgotten the login password and the method 2 that this supposedly uses doesn’t work. Tried several times. It doesn’t not have a reset button. Supposed to reset by holding the “WPS” button in while starting it up but it doesn’t work.

  15. I have the GT-11000. What’s the difference between 5ghz_1 and 5ghz_2? I can’t figure it out.

  16. Just bought this router. I love the range it covers my 3500 sqft home. The problem I am having is I havent been able to connect my xbox one or my cameras that are wired.

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