how to fix any xfinity issue – BLUESKY NO SIGNAL ERROR MESSAGE

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  1. Thanks so much I had called the provider (tech support) a couple of times and they knew what boxes I had but never directed to do what you had in your video. Thanks for the help. Now the wife can watch all the Ha – – Ma-k channel she wants.

  2. I have personally reached out to tech support.  First thing in the morning, Maybe this will  calm  things down. I know that you how questions fly and how assortment of questions are about how things are hooked/ situated etc. I already went through lists of questions.

    It is mandatory to have a strong un-corrupted cable signal to the  “Main Cable box” . It is trying to connect. If the signal is already split prematurely,  before ending at the destination, inside the box, then some channels  will produce the blue screen effect.

    House holds with miscellaneous accessories e.g. play stations plus more than one xfinity cable boxes can cause this blue screen.

    The “Main Box” has to be the main source, free from splitters and what have you. Some technicians will ignore and put the main box as to compensate as a secondary receiver.

    This is done because most of these Main boxes have both “old school”  plus HDMI cables at the back side, just to hook up your OLD TV to new age  HDMI or “other” at the back. The main box will work but guess what, blue screen on some channels will happen.

    I have issues with some channels but I go around it by blindly changing the channel off the blue screen and press enter. Unhook power…I prefer network…digits on <300 or 20. The cable will switch.....not the screen. Then unplug the main box from the wall. Plug it will reboot. Only this time it knows that it has a stronger signal (programme or network). This blue screen will go away after the initial reboot run/ completed.

    The catch is the compromised channels elsewhere. In this case, someone else's cable TV. Offcourse the whole thing can be avoided by just getting..... buying a smart TV on all house holds. That way the Main cable box can be the "Source" AkA the receiver of all signals coming from your Xfinity provider. Given that multiple  miscellaneous boxes should not interchange. The main box should not be tempered with.

    If you are looking at shows and you all have old tv's in the house hold...avoid some channels or switch rooms. Otherwise reboot as shown above.

  3. Xre10007 on my “slave” boxes. Did main box reboot, it works fine, other boxes show guide, apps but no Comcast content…help!!

  4. You have the exact personality that I need to fix stuff with my tv. Because I hate having issues! I don’t understand anything: it’s all a bunch of cables and wires and I understand nothing! So, I really appreciate your calm demeaner. You don’t rush. You really take time and you respect your listener, or your viewer. I actually really appreciate your terms like “small box” and “big box.” Thank you!!!

  5. Just got the small box to go in another room. Stuck on pink screen with “30306” error. Connections are correct. Did this trick and no dice. Any suggestions? Xfinity CS is abysmal.

  6. I’m having a problem with my Xfinity XiD-C cable box. I can no longer pause, rewind, or fast-forward with this box. I keep getting the following error code. XRE-00272

  7. Hello..I don’t know what can I do , the new Xfinity box don’t turn off with my TV..still on the blue light..thanks if you help me..

  8. All my TV’s will have the RDK-03033 code at intermittent times. I will try the 30 second re-boot on the main box. Maybe I did not have it unplugged long enough. So very annoying. I have had Comcast out here several times in the past couple of years, and it is still not resolved. Ugh!

  9. I have a comcast emerson sdtv and I am experiencing the same issue, I have a cable box but no router and my tv just comes up simply as “The video signal has been interrupted” what should i do?

  10. I’ve got a Boarding House with 12 cabled rooms who all lost channels and got pixilated. Found the main box (that got disconnected when the guy moved out), reconnected it, and BAM, everything’s back to normal. Great video on the most obvious problem.

  11. Thanks for the tutorial dude you’re really good at simplifying things and making sense. Also sick guitar at the end lol

  12. so i need that big box to make my small box work? I only have the small box you first showed
    Please help, i’m desperate

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