How to fix windows update boot loop, when your computer boots and reboots in an infinite loop this is the fix for you. in order for fix a windows update boot loop you will have to boot to command prompt and rename a windows update file.

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Fix boot windows 10

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  1. My computer was ok and then it froze so I restarted it and then the update came in and then it failed. And now I am on this never ending loop. And now the F8 butron doesnt work

  2. After you put in move how many spaces before the drive letter? After the 1 file is moved I can I just type exit and reboot later? i’m a newbie with command promts!


  3. my real problem is that a message kept appearing saying i need to reboot my computer to update it, even though i did it already around 20 times. today, the PC rebooted itself. im on windows 10.

  4. Laptop Lenovo with inside unremovable battery. F8 won’t work. Rollback-reboot-apply update-rollback-reboot-apply update-roll…etc….

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