Conventional Ski Boat Fuel Gauge Diagnosis, applies to most recreation boats using Non-Computer gauge systems.
Fuel Senders:
Fuel Gauges:

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  1. That new fuel send unit was very nice.
    The fuel pump I just put in my van had the swinging arm and looked very cheap compared to what came out of it. The old one had a swinging arm too but the wiper and wiper pad were built way better on the old one.
    Can electronic oil pressure gauges be tested the same way?

  2. Informative and well presented. It’s nice to see a video made by someone on YouTube who actually knows what they’re doing –

  3. My gauge is about a quarter of a tank off but otherwise works any ideas and is it worth time and money to fix

  4. Great video. What if when you turn on your ignition your fuel gauge pegs out to full and never moves?

  5. My gauge always shows full or almost full. I pulled the sending unit out and tested it. Seemed to be working fine on ohm meter (between 30ish ohms with the slider all the way up and and 290ish ohms with the slider all the way down). When hooked up to the gauge I can see the needle moving as I move the slider up and down, it’s just not moving very far. Is this more than likely a bad gauge or a problem with wiring?

  6. Thank you, this made a lot of since to me. My sending unit is VERY hard to get to and with your advise I marked it before I removed it and I must say that was a life saver!!! The thing has a 5 screw pattern that seems like they would all be the same but mine was not!! I could not believe that that gasket would only fit one pattern, this would have been very difficult to figure out if I had not marked it.

  7. Very well done. I’ve got an issue with a 1948 Chevrolet truck and this video reminded me of how the circuitry is laid out. Very well explained! Thank You!

  8. Great tutoring on how to troubleshoot these issues. However, how would you proceed with an incorrect reading from a gauge? Meaning, my fuel gauge shows about 34 when the tank is full and shows about 18 when boat is off. Accuracy is way off. Gauge? Sender? Both?

  9. So what happens when I replaced my fuel sender, and the gauge works, but it constantly reads “full” when I know it’s not?

    The swing arm is set for the tank depth and it’s not blocked, swings freely.

    ^^ === I disconnected the Temperature sending unit/temp sense, so How can I test the instrumentation temp gauge in my cars dash board by itself to check if its working correctly, what do I need to do?

  11. If the sending units are bad/rusted/toast like the one here. How did you know the ohms range needed in the new sending unit? OHMS ranges needed for gauges, from what I am finding, are different and even reversed. Without a good sending unit how did you know which new sending unit you needed? Some read FULL at 10 ohms and some read EMPTY at 10 ohms. I ordered a Resistance Substitution Box tool to feed different resistances to the gauges. Do you have a video on finding out the ohms range of a fuel gauge? “How to buy the right sending unit”.

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