Broken Washer? Leaking water? Spin cycle not spinning?

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  1. THANK YOU!! You saved me hundred of dollars since I don’t need to buy another washing machine!!!

  2. I had my washer for 3 years and it just stopped working out of the blue. I tried plugging into another plug and it still wont work.
    Can you help?

  3. Well it’s not a “3 minute fix” for anything but that problem. So total clickbait title and waste of time since most people don’t have that particular model or specific problem. Guess I’ll have to keep on looking for why my different model GE top end washer won’t drain….

  4. Rip, you ROCK!! I came across your video and honestly didn’t think this could possibly be my problem. I did just as you instructed, and my washing machine is now working! I can’t thank you enough!!

  5. This was my first fix with my washing machine. I learned not to change water levels while the machine is in motion. Stop it then switch it.

  6. how did all that bad stuff get into that airdome water presser hose rick??? how about running a clean cycle on that washer that you need so badly and use a great washer cleaner once a month rick and how about washing once a week with a cup of vinegar with some kitchen towels and add some bath or beach towels or sheets rick and yes that end that dirty hose plugs into is called a Air dome and that needs to be cleaned out real good rick and how do you clean out the air dome smart guy ??? oh i know go on line and find out… Haha…

  7. Thank you so much I literally did fix after 3 min. My washer was spinning but not filling up with water and my tube was so corroded and nasty it was plugged. Thank you!!

  8. Took me 8 minutes because I had to find and watch this video! Seriously though thanks saved me so much money.

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