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In this video i give an example of one way i go about trouble shooting a no start issue when i have limited resources. on a 95 Chevy Tahoe
This isn’t how I usually go about it however I wanted to give an example of what you can do with just the basic tools and schematics to trouble shoot a no start issue hope you enjoy

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  1. A Dooney chicken stripper tattoo on that thing in my have a bunch track in it Michelle prove it was wore out too much slack in it so I went bought a new and put it into started right up

  2. Awesome video. Thank you very much Sir! Whay if 87 has no power?
    98 c2500 305 vortec. Vehicle stalled 5 times in driveway. No cel, removed big fuses and di el greased. Truck started. But for how long, dont know.

  3. Best damn trouble shooting video I have ever seen and it has solved my problem. Thanks a lot

  4. So fuel pump relay is good brand new oil pressure sensor, pump, filter, and distributor and I’ve also used a donor computer I’m starting to think I have a wiring problem it’s just weird the truck ran fine all weekend then all the sudden won’t start.

  5. When I do the jumper wire, the pump still doesn’t work. There is no spark, like current is moving to a stuck pump. What else can I try before replacing the pump?

  6. What if the control circuit doesn’t stay on for 10 seconds only 3 seconds after turning on the key and it turns back on for 3 seconds as I turn off the key??

  7. I did the testing 87 is working giving power and I put a cable in 87 it’s sending a current to 30 and checked it with the light 87 sending a current in the cable and nothing happened

  8. I can find a fuel pump relay in my 99 Subaru impreza wagon helonwould be great no power same issue just used car went to restart nothing separately need help

  9. No luck here, I already changed fuel pump then same problem then I saw this video. Still no power, pretty sure it’s the ecm

  10. This is what I’m talking about. No rambling bullshit, no terrible camera angles, just pure unadulterated information delivered in a calm and soothing manner. This is ASMR for driveway mechanics. Thank you!

  11. I’ll save you 20 minutes. It’s usually the fusible link on the left hand side of the firewall. At the dealership we call it… The green wire. Not because that’s the color of the wire on the outside. But because, that’s the color of the wire on the inside.

  12. That was awesome! Can you do a video on EST code 42 on 1989 Chevy 1500 pick up with a 350 engine? LOL Again that was awesome!

  13. What if relay and all that stuff is good and you’ve already replaced the fuel pump with a brand new one and it still doesn’t work?

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