New Google Classroom tutorial. How to get started with Google Classroom in 2020? This step by step tutorial will show you how to start using Google Classroom Quizzes and Forms with your students tomorrow. In this tutorial you will learn how to view Google Forms / Quizzes from students end, how to access students’ answers, how to import grades, and how to assign one Google Form / Quiz to multiple classes.

How to create Google Classroom

How to Invite Students

How to Use Assignment

How to Use Quiz Assignment

How to Use Question

How to Use Material

3 Tips to Organize Your Google Classroom

How to Use Google Classroom Rubrics

Google Forms & Quizzes – Troubleshooting Common Issues

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  1. Hello, If I’m filling a Google form and it stops accepting responses, will the data i have entered be saved?

  2. So I turned in a form and want to go back to it. I tried going to google form history but it only shows which ones I made rather than the ones that I turned in. I don’t know what to do

  3. Sir, I have submitted a form but it still shows assigned.. Is it normal troubleshoot or not.. Please tell me 🥺

  4. Sir, is it possible for me to recover my answers without even repeating them? I am about to send my answer but it suddenly went into an error 😪 it has too many questions 😭

  5. I need help. I receive email notifications that a student submitted a google form quiz, but when I open the form, the student’s work is not there. I have this happen with 1 particular student more than others. What can I do?

  6. I just encountered a problem, I submitted a response to Google form and then i closed the site, I opened th link again and it says that the server is no longer accepting a response, is it just a glitch? Or it’s my fault? It’s my preliminary exam and I’m very frustrated about it.

  7. Hello! I’m a student and I have this one reoccuring problem. After answering the google form, it would open to a new window that says “response submitted and assignment marked as done.” Once i click the open assignment button, the task is not automatically turned in. How can I solve this problem?

  8. I have a question. My science teacher gave us a quiz in which I shortly answered, I turned it in/submitted it but my score doesn’t show up. My teacher said that we need to screenshot our quiz scores and send it to her but my scores aren’t showing.

  9. HELP!!!!!! I created a section and accidentally deleted ten hours worth of questions….the UNDO button disappeared… HELP!!! SOS!!

  10. Hello, I cannot type my answer in google forms whenever i will answer a survey or exam, don’t know how to fix it. What’s the problem? How can I fix it?

  11. Thanks for detailed information about google forms. but I have different problem. I am giving test using google forms. I am making sure that my email address is right. but I am not receiving my released score notification when My Sir releases the score. any idea why that is happening?

  12. Can i ask if im answering my exam via Google forms and the time limit has exceed and I pass my answers late what will happen to my answers it cant be checked or seen by the professor?

  13. Hi.. Total 118 responses are showing but only 96 are graded and the rest are empty responses..when all questions are marked can the response be empty when marked required. The students are saying that they attempted all.. How can i get those responces graded?.. please reply..

  14. Thanks for video! I NOTICED SOMETHING UNUSUAL last week: 18 students completed and submitted the quiz, which goes to my Drive. When I open the copy of the quiz that I made for this group on Drive, it opens the Google form and I can see that 18 responses have been submitted. But when I view ‘responses’, all grades are 0/100. I tried to find out what the problem is or identify my error, but I can’t figure it out. Later, I opened the same link I gave to students and completed the quiz and submitted it myself, and my score displays correctly (ie. not 0/100). Any idea of what’s going on here??

  15. Sir, the person who created google form has set the view accuracy option , but I am not able to atleast open the view accuracy .plz tell me solution for this

  16. When students edit/revise an answer on a Google Form, does the teacher receive notification? Is there a setting to receive such notifications?

  17. It is showing their answers incorrect rather their answers are correct. Kindly tell me what can I do?

  18. Sir, i have a question.
    So my classes have already done our physics exam on 19th october. There are 31 students in my class and half of the them including me didn’t past the test.

    Then i realized that there are something wrong with our result. So the students that fail the exam has got wrong answer as me in 2 questions (total 25point) (there are 7 question in the exam) . The question were about vector and it was so easy to do actually. So i think it’s so weird that almost half of the class got wrong. And then when i checked the wrong answer from one of my friend that failed the exam too, He has the same answer as me! it was exactly the same. And then i inform all of my classmates that fail and they have the same answer too!!

    So with this i conclude for a while that there are some error in the google form. The teachers shared the same link but we 15 students and 16 students each got different question.
    When i inform this to the teacher, it turns out that the teacher has been used the same link to another class before, and then he edited the 2 question for our class.
    So we 15 students got the question that hasn’t been edited by the teacher and then well.. we lost our 25 point. But the another 16 students get the question that has been edited and they pass the exam.

    My question is : Is this actually possible?

    Because the link is already closed by the teacher so we didn’t have any proof (screenshot of the 2 questions) and the teacher didn’t believe us and also suspect us that we are cheating from the other class. Me and my friends are so dissapointed. I hope you see this. Sorry for my bad English, it’s not my first language.

    Thank you so much

  19. Sir, I have a question
    When I was taking the quiz on google forms and I did all the answers. Then I clicked next but it didn’t say I submitted it. It said you need to be the owner to see this I think. Will the teacher be able to see the responses that I did? Thank you

  20. Sir, i hv question to ask. Im a teacher who are doing question in google form for students. When i finished it, i try to open but the question were not structured. For example..question number 1 we should do it first then second third and so on. But it different for me. Im done it well, the question were in structured, then i save..later I try to open it but the questions were not in structured. like question number 5 was in the first place the question num 6 in a sec place. It is not relatable. How i can fix that? Im tried to search out to solve the problem but i did not see anyone who solve this problem. Could you help me?

  21. Do you have any idea why I cannot paste a chart in a word document? Is it because I’m using an older version of Office maybe?

  22. Can you make a video showing how to assign a form without making it a quiz- then after they have responded make it a quiz and then put in answers and grade?
    I teach high school and I saw that it is easy to hack Google forms by viewing the code – but you can avoid this by putting the answers in after submissions are closed.

  23. Sir I have a question
    My friend didn’t receiving the released score of our quiz on her gmail and she doesn’t know if she put wrong email she don’t even have access to view score through the google form we answered…
    Please reply asap..

  24. Hi, I did a google form for revision purposes for my upcoming exam. There was a essay part where I had to type it out between 5-6 paragraphs. When I type my google form, the form made my text scroll down everytime I type (which is common) but when it reaches a limit where I can no longer type and a text appears bottom mid which says “ is not responding” with a blue outline around it only with a X button beside it. When that text appears, I am unable to do anything like go back, refresh, copy paste and more. I dont think ive ever pressed the X button before as I get concerned that the google form will close and I have to redo everything. Do you have any suggestions on how I may overcome from this with a solution?

  25. Sir , I’ve tried to send my answers and a image but unfortunately for the 8 th times it’s not working .. it just says something went wrong . Another question is that does copy paste disable one to submit the google form ? Thank you sir

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