Here’s the fixes to Galaxy Buds+ right/left bud not working, not connecting or not charging at all. You may need to try more than one solution as shown in this video as your issue might be different to the other people.


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  1. My earbuds wont even give a light at all… When I put them into the case, the light is black. When I take them out of the case, the light is black. But the strange thing is, is that the light on the outside of the case has a green light meaning that the case has charge.

  2. Thank you man! I was looking for a tutorial for disassemble my rightbud. It didn’t charge so I though it was dead. It seems like just needed a little electro-resucitation procedure.

  3. So one of them says that is disconnected and it doesn’t connect since my mom only use one and I told her many times now it doesn’t work I tried everything

  4. so i get my nonworking bud to a constant red light, i assume its charging, but after about 5 minutes it goes to green and still wont connect or show any battery level. any help?

  5. Litterally helped me out, when the other videos wouldn’t, I was just about to go spend 200 on another pair of headphones!

  6. Thanks! I thought my left ear bud was done for. Holding down for 7 seconds worked, at first it flashed green, but i kept doing it until it stayed a solid red color.

  7. Omgggggg you really save my life ㅠㅠ I had already been Samsung Customer Service and they told me this maybe due to connection issue and need to pay for them but cannot be promised will be repaired. After back home i saw you youtube and tried and now it’s work! Omg thanks a lot !!!

  8. My right earbud doesn’t even show up in the app ): I don’t know how to fix these and I miss my music ahhhh

  9. So my right ear bud on my galaxy buds stopped working earlier this day, around noon, and it worked an hour before I put them in again, idk what happened, and I tried following what you said and none of them work, what am I supposed to do?

  10. I tried this thing when my galaxy bud didn’t work and trust me no cap this is low key so true

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