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After installing Ubuntu Linux, type the following commands in to the terminal to updated GRUB and to see the option to boot in to Windows:

sudo update-grub

After deleting the Linux partitions from your hard drive, do a live boot in to Linux (Try Ubuntu without installing) and type the following command in to the terminal to boot back in to Windows:

sudo apt-get install lilo

Hit enter then:

sudo lilo -M /dev/sda mbr

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Fix boot windows 10

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  1. it doesnt let me use my keyboard on the grub menu for some reason but my keyboard works fine

  2. I assumed that some of you have the problems where you guys deleted the linux partition and when you restart your device you now stuck and grub line… if that was the case, the easiest method you can use is by force shut down and boot through bios before the grub line appeared… Go to the bootloader section in bios and you should see there are more than 1 bootloader for your devices (mine was ubuntu as the first and windows boot manager as the second) change the recommended bootloader as the windows boot manager by pressing f6 (depends on bios instruction) to move windows boot manager as the first (recommended) bootloader… save and you can safely restart your device and you should boot using windows without those grub thingy… If you see this Joseph, please pin this so people might know this method

  3. Joseph Sir Need Extreme Urgent Help Reply Please

    I Uninstalled Linux And Grub Was Giving Problem And Due to Some Reason My Windows Is Also Wiped Out And Is Stuck At Loading Screen Only Thing I Can she Is Grub Command Line On screen Please help πŸ˜₯πŸ˜₯πŸ˜“πŸ˜“πŸ˜­πŸ˜­ Pls pls pls pls

  4. Thank a lot for this video, tried lots of videos & options to restore my missing windows boot loader from the grub but to no avail until I found ur video.

    Its very elaborate & simple to use.

    Thanks Man, 100%

  5. hmm did not work and went back to the grub rescue. I have win 10 and had ubuntu 20 which i removed as you did on the video.

  6. This is prolly the best video on yt. Lol. fr tho, this is a lot quality in 4:10.
    However, for those of you on Ubuntu 20.04. When you try sudo apt-get install lilo, and it doesn’t work. This will mostly be because you have no internet connection. So here’s what you do:
    Β° You go to apps
    Β° Go to additional drivers

    (for some this next step denoted * may not be necessary)
    * Β° Ubuntu software tab:
    -on download from.
    β€’select main server. *
    Β° to additional drivers tab:
    -select “Using broadcom…..”
    instead of the default- “do not use
    this device”
    Β° Apply changes

    When it’s done installing the wireless driver.
    Β° Click on Close

    Β° Go to the usual tab to connect to your WiFi – on the top left corner of your screen
    Β° Connect to your WiFi. And that should do the trick.

    Now, you just go back and run “sudo apt-get install lilo” again.
    This should work.
    Have a great day wherever you are.

  7. for me it says grub is a minimal single line terminal or something like that and every time i start my laptop or restart it i have to type “exit” to bot into windows

  8. Thanks bro you saved my life if my mom saw that i have kali linux on my pc she would have killed me

  9. Hello Sir,

    How did you boot up with linux? we did thr ctrl and del and nothing happened even with the power botton adn now we are actually stuck with grub rescue. please reply.

    Thank you

  10. After watching several videos and trying a lot of methods, that’s the only one that really worked. Thanks a lot for your amazing explanation. Easy and simple.
    P.S. It didn’t work for me in the beginning because the WIFI was not configured. Please make sure that you have internet access.

  11. Any difference with the new version of Grub 2.04? My computer is taking 20 minutes to find Windows. It used to be seconds.

  12. Why would u keep that monster on yr computer. Bill Gate is a blood sucker vammpire. He has an evil agenda in reducing the world population to 10%.
    Crack windows. Use linux

  13. Hey…..whenever I click on Windows 10 on bootloader……the computer restarts. Plzzzz help. Trying to install on core 2 duo

  14. DUDE YOU SAVED MY LIFE TOOOOOOOO aghhhhhh i dont usually like videos but i went out of what i was doing to like this video thanks man!!

  15. Excellent, you are perfect
    First, I thought I lost everything
    There is more vedioes But not fix it
    After I watched your videos, the problem was solved by two commands line.
    You’re great.
    Thanks a lot my brother πŸ™

  16. Hey, my keyboard arrow keys are not working on grub i.e, i can’t select the windows 10 option

  17. This video still helps after almost 4 years of its making. Thanking you for saving another novice’s life

  18. Keep up this great work you saved a lot of time and form reading!!!!!

    YouTube would not be the same without channels like yours.

    This is my dads account my computer was down πŸ˜‰

  19. Pls sir how can I reset my sudo password? I can’t remember it again. Tnx and have a nice day

  20. I did what you said but all I got was adding boot menu entry for EFI firmware I never got windows 10 loaded. Any solutions ?

  21. i had several problems
    i couldnt access the root terminal and it had the $ sign instead of the # sign so i couldnt connect to the internet. SUCKED i just want to connect to the internet i dont see why it has to be si hard

  22. Is booting to linux and messig with lilo necessary? Wouldn’t be typing botrec /fixmbr and bootrec /fixboot to cmd be enough as stated here?

  23. Ubunto is just to laggy, I will change to windows, and I am not pationt enough to learn to use windows software on linux., Interface and all that is awesome, but performance is not good…

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