In this Beginner’s Guide to Windows 10 we will review key features of Windows 10 operating system for beginners. Windows 10 is a Microsoft operating system for personal computers, tablets, embedded devices and internet of things devices. In this tutorial we are starting from the basics and covering key features of the latest update:
– Windows Start button
– Windows Taskbar
– Windows Status Bar
– Windows Settings
– Cortana
– Desktop
– File Explorer
and more


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  1. Good but as a beginner I need you to just pause and explain a little more on what you are clicking on .Its a little confusing with the cursor flicking around all over the screen.I did get quite a lot out of the video though.

  2. Good tutorial. I just want to easily place captions below photo’s . Move photos out of files and name files and albums. Is that possible?

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  4. sometimes my laptop has something that prevents me from continuing to type and when I click on something it doesn’t work! What can I do ? Reset my laptop from scratch?

  5. your video was excellent but I want to you to suggest me a good book covering all aspects and functionality of windows 10 home os

  6. I am trying to get into the world of computers, I am beginner who’s just started falling in love with the computers’ world. Is any of your videos (or do you know other channels)
    devoted to a general computer guide for beginners?

  7. Good vid! Windows 7 is the last I worked with.. now it’s Jan 2021 and new to 10, none of the instructions work for making a desktop icon, guessing updates changed it up, any current advise, I’d so appreciate!

  8. was is really necessary to go to cnn, and circle something about trump? at that point I stopped watching. why did you have to bring your political thoughts into your video.

  9. Thank you sir for these… I was a Windows 7 fanboy for far too long. Now this version of Windows is the best thing ever

  10. That is very useful and great tutorial. I am switching from MacOS and was really not sure how the windows look like. I was afraid it was going work in a similar way as Windows 98, millennium etc. It was always freezing, updating and always problems with drivers. You actually showed and explained that it is different nowadays and pretty secure. Thanks a lot. I am receiving my laptop tomorrow and will be coming back to your video now when getting to know my new Windows

  11. Thank you for the non tech lingo and the knowledge sharing that you impart on your audience. This was a GREAT video for beginners or individuals that just need a quick refresh.

  12. Thank you for your kindness, I am really appreciating this since i am transferring from windows 7 to ten!!!! thanks again !!!

  13. I just wanna say, I came here from my desktop because oh my God. Wish you could do online classes. You help a lot thanks

  14. windows 10 home 2020 doesn’t have a way to edit or create panels for various websites or programs I use. For example youtube as a panel for quick access.

  15. me; I feel totally stupid bcz I have had windows 10 for nearly 5 years, never really bothered to learn how to use it after I set things up, and then things happen and here I am trying to fix up all these settings again. This time I’m taking notes. And I must say I freaking hate moving to a new computer.

  16. I have been a dedicated Mac user for over 15 years and after deciding to start my own small business just recently, I made the only sensible choice really and transitioned to Windows. Being tech savvy and my husband using Windows, I have had my Dell XPS15 for a couple of weeks and found my way around the basics before coming and following this tutorial. I figured it would require some basic knowlege and I was right. Other than that, it’s really great, he was was very clear, concise and informative and didn’t drag things out in each section, which I really liked. His voice was good to listen too and I learned things I can use going forward and found valuable. I agree with this tutorial not being for people who’ve never used a computer before as you would definitely need basic knowledge of Windows first. But Thank You for a great video.

  17. I am so happy I came across your channel! You will be the reason I get hired by NASA. And when that happens, I’m telling you first.

  18. typical microsoft i have used windows for years starting way back have been using windows 7 for years,and its absolutely ridiculous that when i installed win 10 on a spare machine i could not get used to the layout which is totally different from win 7 and really damn annoying

  19. so funny how you keep on appearing throughout the video for us to like this! very helpful anyway, LIKEd!

  20. I am a beginner when it comes to computers period. I have been watching several videos to learn about computers and how to use them. This video said it was a beginners guide for windows 10 but after the first minute I was overwhelmed and basically lost. I guess I need a video that starts off a bit slower and shows more step by step instructions. Does anyone have any suggestions of a video that will walk me through window 10 step by step and show me how to get to the features and how to use them and any suggestions on videos that help beginners learn how to use computers period. I really want to learn how to be computer literate and eventually be able to work from home on my computer. I will appreciate any help and suggestions. Thank you

  21. How can I get rid of Microsoft Edge and get Firefox for my default browser? I have a new windows 10 lap top, but its making me crazy! It says I cant install Firefox because it isn’t Microsoft verified for security. says only way I can do it is to REMOVE THE SAFEGUARD OF “S” AND ONCE YOU DO THAT, NO GOING BACK—-SECURITY RISK I GUESS! I am so use to windows 8.1 and can’t find any of my usual day to day stuff. It says it needs to do security updates, but wont let me do them. It was my first day, of using it, and I wanted to toss it on its head!! Your video helps, but some stuff ( like installing security updates), didn’t work on mine like you described. HOPING tomorrow goes better. All help appreciated!

  22. Great video. One of the best out there in terms of an introduction to Windows. Avoids tech speak and uses very simple terminology.

  23. WOW.. this video was so helpful. When it started I thought, Oh I can just skip to the file explorer part that’s all I need. Turns out I needed every bit of this tutorial. Thank you! I feel like I will be so much more efficient on my computer and not nearly as frustrated.

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