How to test / troubleshoot / check a starter for correct operation: starter test / starter solenoid test / starter motor test

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  1. Who cares, just replace it. I’m not a mechanic, but god lee, it’s not expensive and super easy. Just bite the bullet and replace it.

  2. When the motor pinion often stuck, what do I need to fix? It usually works but sometimes stuck. Do I need to replace the magnetic part or motor part?

  3. I agree with all the commenters who commend you for not including a bunch of fluff and getting right to the point. I hate the videos of people who love to hear themselves talk and and who use stupid exaggerated gestures and corny intros. My time is valuable. Your video was very informative. It made perfect sense. Going to test my tractor starter tomorrow.

  4. Never able to any single sentence completely. Disappear way too quickly. I wish I could dislike this video many times.

  5. Hlw sir, can you plz help me to know, how I can calculate what size of AH battery do I need to start a 10 KW self-starter. Plz explain with formula

  6. Thank you, This was an excellent video, that got straight to the point of exactly all the ways to test my starter/solenoid and know if it’s bad or not without a bunch of unnecessary time wasting extra content. I salute you sir! Keep up the great content!

  7. Great Video! Straight forward, scripted so we could pause and follow. Really helped me diagnose my 81 Delco Remy . Cheers

  8. Hi, i want to test the solenoid of the starter motor without to dismounting it from the car, can i do this whitout making damage? obviously i disconnect battery from the car before. Thanks. When you are writing that the internal contact of solenoid is bad in the video instead i think it’s only the tester probe that doesn’t make contact with metal of the bolt, it is covered of dirt.

  9. Good video, but the part where it uses the tester is useless ’cause if the motor starts then by force there is voltage on the positive input of the motor. The right test was to put the + of battery only to the spade connector and with the meter in ohm test between + batt input of motor and + batt output contact to motor stator

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