In this Instagram Tutorial video I show you how to upload photos directly from your MacBook Pro or Windows PC using just your web browser. No apps needed.

The web browsers I use are Chrome, Firefox, Edge and Safari. I previously created a video demonstrating how to do this with just chrome on mac and windows but I chose to revisit this process to include the additional browsers.

The process of uploading to Instagram from your laptop or desktop is very easy to do and if you enjoy editing your pictures with editing software like Photoshop or Canva, then this will streamline your workflow.

The best part of this process is you don’t have to use any third party applications. You just use your web browser to upload your images to Instagram. No need for bluestacks just to upload to Instagram on computer.

So follow along and checkout how easy it is to share your pictures on one of the most popular social media applications, Instagram.

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  1. This works well but doesn’t show you how to move the photos. There is not shuffle or anything that works.

  2. Got the develop tools to show on my Mac.. but all my videos are greyed out? Any advice? THANKS!

  3. I have a question. when i post something on instagramm on my Mac, is this look (like on the phone) will keep always? or i have to change the way you say all the time?

  4. thank you! I am Russian, i was looking russian videos about this subject but i can not understand them!!! funny! i got yours and it helped.
    The most trouble is : people speak to fast.
    or I can not hear many words
    or cliks are so fast

  5. This is great information that I was looking for it. I am wondering how I can edit an Instagram post on MacBook.

  6. Thanks so much, I was told this was not possible from a PC. Life Saver as I am new to IG and need to promote my new business. Thanks again.

  7. In Firefox the “No device selected” bar (2:33) does not appear. There’s nothing above the Instagram logo bar at all. So I can’t get any further than this step.

  8. I have been searching for a way to do this! Thanks so much for your precise and easy to understand instructional video!

  9. Thank you sooooo sooooo soooo much… I was struggling cuz all my pics are on my laptop so was wondering how im gonna do this… Thanks

  10. I have a feeling this doesn’t work. It seems like the tags don’t actually do anything .

  11. Thank you. This is great but I have one problem– I have more than one Instagram account and when I try to upload to one it changes to another as I am ready to leave the photo upload page. Ideas?

  12. I’m on my desktop-Windows 7- Firefox and I don’t have the “Response Design Mode” icon…

  13. hi I have a MacBook but at the top of the page it just says file, edit,view,history,bookmarks,window and help there is no develop so which one should I press?

  14. Works a treat in Firefox on the MAC, just need to toggle the view at the top of the page to make sure it shows Iphone or similar, then Instgram behaves just like the phone app

  15. Umm the develop button does not appear I went to safari preferences and clicked advanced and checked develop button in safari but it’s not appearing

  16. It worked once i refreshed the page but it wouldn’t let me post a drawing i made onto Instagram

  17. bullshit — I’m on a Macbook Pro — I can’t post to Instagram unless I use my phone. FAKE NEWS

  18. I’m on Safari you say click on Develop at the top tool bar up by bookmarks. I do not have develop in the tool bar, where do I find it?

  19. thank you! i got it to upload, but it the pic doesnt appear on any of the hashtag pages.. is there a fix?

  20. This is not meant to work. I change browser to Safari. Unfortunately I don’t have the Develop menu. What is interesting is that when I refreresh the page the icon of the camera appear in instant but then vanishes.

  21. Well, that didn’t work.I use Firefox but I don’t the icon noted in the inspector. There is still no way to upload from the computer to this tool.

  22. I like this but the camera did not open on my mac when I clicked on Inspect. How do I get it to open? Thanks

  23. This is ridiculous. Why don’t they have a button that says “upload”? or “post”? Typical silicon valley making things difficult. Intuitive is not something they do.

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