Kind A-Z or Z-A in Google Sheets on any system and also type in sequence by extra than just one column on the world-wide-web.

Screenshot of Google Sheet, with three columns of data for National League baseball teams: location, name, division; Hand-drawn text and arrow pointing to column A:

Illustration: Andy Wolber/TechRepublic

Google Sheets typically assists people handle lists of persons, things and places. An alphabetical sort can not only convey a little bit of get to these lists, but also help us understand styles, these types of as inaccurate or duplicated info. Google Sheets on the world-wide-web provides at the very least two distinct alphabetical type possibilities. 

The very first reorganizes your information alphabetically with a single-column sort, though the next lets you type initial by one column, then yet another, then yet another and so on. The latter solution allows you manage products when information may be the same in multiple cells, such as when sorting by a nation, a point out and then a town. The Google Sheets mobile applications also give solitary-column sort abilities.

Follow the directions down below to sort your sheet A-Z or Z-A on the website, Android or iOS.

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How to alphabetize a column

You can kind cells in a Google Sheet in both alphabetical or reverse-alphabetical order. The process works equally in Google Sheets in a website browser as it does in the Google Sheets mobile applications.

1. Freeze header rows.

Browser: If your Sheet has a header row, you can want to freeze the header row(s)–otherwise, the technique will kind your header knowledge along with everything else (Determine A). Choose Check out | Freeze, then decide on the quantity of rows you will need to freeze. For a solitary line header, which is frequent, you would select Watch | Freeze | 1 row.

Figure A 

Screenshot of a Google Sheet with View | Freeze | 1 row option highlighted, just before selection.

If your sheet has header rows, make positive to Freeze the header rows (Check out | Freeze | find as suitable) before a form.

Cell application: Alongside the left facet of your sheet, faucet the row number (e.g., 1, 2, 3, and so on.) 2 times. The 1st tap selects the row, the second faucet brings up a menu. On Android, faucet the 3-dot Much more menu, then tap Freeze (Figure B). On iOS, tap the suitable triangle Additional Menu, then faucet Freeze Row (Determine B).

Figure B 

Three screenshots from the Google Sheets Android app: (left) show menu after a two taps on Row 1, with

In the Google Sheets app on Android, tap two times on row or column identifiers (e.g., 1,2,3, and so forth. or A,B,C, and so on.) to bring up the Extra menu (left picture). You may possibly freeze header columns or rows (center picture) and form columns (proper picture).

2. Single column sort.

Browser: Choose a cell in the column you would like to sort, then select Knowledge adopted by the form of sort, either A → Z or Z → A (Determine C). For illustration, to alphabetize Column C, you would click on any mobile in Column C, then opt for Knowledge | Sort Sheet By Column C, A → Z. To alter the kind variety or column, repeat this stage.

Figure C 

Screenshot shows Google Sheet with Data | Sort sheet by column A, A→Z selected.

In a Google Sheet on the web, pick a cell in a column, then pick Knowledge | Form Sheet By… possibilities to form both A-Z or Z-A.

Mobile app: Alongside the leading side of your sheet, faucet the column letter (e.g., A, B, C, and so on.) little by little two times. The first tap selects the column, the next faucet delivers up a menu. On Android, tap the three-vertical dot Additional menu, then faucet Type A-Z or Kind Z-A (Determine D). On iOS, tap the suitable triangle A lot more menu as a lot of situations as desired right until the choice to tap possibly Form A-Z or Kind Z-A is obtainable, then faucet your desired kind order (Figure D).

Determine D 

Three screenshots from the Google Sheets iOS app: (left) show menu after a two taps on Row 1, with

In the Google Sheets application on iOS, faucet two times on row or column identifiers (e.g., 1,2,3, and many others. or A,B,C, and many others.) to bring up a menu. Faucet the ideal-pointing triangle to access extra menu options. You may will need to tap this triangle a lot more than once to navigate to the desired location, this sort of as Freeze Row (center) or, when a column is picked, Type A-Z or Type Z-A (appropriate).

How to alphabetize by more than a single column

In a web browser, Google Sheets also features the solution to form by numerous columns. This is beneficial when you want to form initial by a person column, then an additional, this sort of as when sorting by final name and then to start with title, for illustration.

1. Very first, make absolutely sure to freeze any header rows with the Check out | Freeze command, as explained above.
2. Up coming, choose your complete knowledge vary. Just one way to do this is to pick out the upper-leftmost mobile you want to form and then drag your cursor to the reduced-rightmost mobile in the form variety (Determine E). For example, in my spreadsheet, I’ll simply click on the upper-still left cell (A2) and drag the cursor to the decreased suitable cell (C16).

Figure E 

Screenshot of Google Sheet, shows cells A2 to C16 selected, with a header row of Location, Name, and Division. Cell contents are the location, name, and division of National League baseball teams (e.g., Arizona, Diamondbacks, NL West, etc.).

Click on, then drag to select the variety you intend to use to form by multiple columns.

3. Pick Information | Kind Vary.
4. Select a column from the shown drop-down record and find the kind (A → Z or Z → A).
5. Pick out Add One more Kind Column to incorporate an more type amount (Figure F). Go to stage 4 to specify the type. Repeat the system for as several kind stages as preferred.

Figure F 

Screenshot shows Sort range from A2 to C16, with Sort by options for Column C, A, and B, all sorted A to Z order.

With a array picked, you might pick out to successive columns with the Knowledge | Kind assortment command. Use the Increase One more Type Column to specify each and every sub-type.

6. When finished, pick out Form. The info in your selected assortment will be alphabetized by the columns and sort get specified.

What is your expertise?

Do you use Google Sheets to type details alphabetically? If so, do you most usually use a single-column or a number of-column kind? In what circumstances do you use a reverse alphabetical form (Z-A)? Let me know how you use the Google Sheets sort alternatives, either with a remark below or on Twitter (@awolber). 

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