This tutorial will show you how to start your Windows 10 system in Safe Mode.

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  1. I have problem with my display it’s not working after few minute.if I want to update display driver first I have to go on safe mode then update display question is If I will do this then my problem will be fixed and I will not loose or uninstall any software from my lab top.

  2. I cant access the internet on safe mode despite choosing network option and updated driver
    I connected once but after dozens of restarts and I cant access the internet anymore
    Note that it works well on the normal mode

  3. If you press the Windows button and the R button together a box will appear and you can type in MSCONFIG and continue.

  4. OK, Pressing Windows key and WHAT? Jumbo talk after this comment—-RRRRR and Raymond together? I dont have a Raymond key.

  5. How do you boot up to safe mode when booting up. My laptop stuck on Please wait Windows getting ready screen when booting up. It happens when the Windows 10 automatically update and restart then stuck on that screen I mention. I’m thinking to boot it up on safe mode and delete the recent update that cause the problem. I tried to boot it then hit the F8 key but it won’t show the boot menu.

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