Easily turn off IE and WMP, Tablet PC Components, and Windows Games.
Requirements: Administrative privileges and Windows 7.

Fix boot windows 10

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  1. I dont want to scare anyone but last time i did this it erased all my photos and videos i edited and it just fucked my PC now my PC is running slower and I had somthing called a Help_Decrypt in all my folders so wtf is all that shit?

  2. I did everything like you said, but now, after restarting, I have a black screen with cursor. What seems to be an issue here??


    the adds I kept getting from MediaPlayer were pissing me off and I didn’t know how to remove it. This has definitely helped a lot!

  4. was able to get internet explorer cut off, but once I did how do I log back on.
    I want to download abdoe reader flash player. it says I have to disable internet explore
    to do show.
    every time I try to watch a video on you tube it says that I need this to do it forgive misspelling and please help

  5. somebody help me the components are not showing just a blank white screen when I press turn components on and off

  6. Unfortunately IE is not listed in the Turn Windows Features On or Off prompt. I am using Windows Vista Home Premium.

  7. Hey thanks man, i don’t have a lot of ram on my computer so I’ve always been trying to find out a way to get rid of crap I don’t need.

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