Today We have an LG Front Load Washer, Model WM2450HRA, In Which the Complaint was that it Was Not Spinning and Giving an “LE” Error Code. After Diagnostic, We Determined that the Motor Position Sensor was Faulty and Needed to be Replaced.

Motor Position Sensor 6501KW2002A
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  1. Thanks for making this easy and inexpensive. I fixed my LG front loader (another model) using same method.

  2. I was testing with a multitool the tachometer which seemed fine. Then I saw your vid and ordered the part. Le error fixed ! Thanks 🙂

  3. what about if it’s making like a cracking noise.. the gears are all solid and I didn’t see any debris between the magnets and the stator.. all the magnets and everything seems to be intact

  4. Great presentation because you mention the possible fault that will occur and not just replacing the sensor if LE message will appear.You also mentioned the purpose of the sensor on the program. There are a lot of presentation but I found it is only for non technicians. Your presentation is not boring for a technical person. Great work.

  5. Could I ask when ordering a lg washing machine position sensor there are some companies selling type A and type B , how can I tell which one I need, please could you reply, thanks

  6. Hi how much is the cost for the sensor replacement part . My washer has same problem and my hubby is mad at me ..

  7. This worked for me for a couple of weeks (three washes) but went back to same problem after a heavy bedding load (wife). I believe this was the cause of a heavy load the first time I had this mall function I now am thinking the position sensor is masking another problem that heavy loads bring on that never used to happen perhaps some other component is at the root cause

  8. Lg top lord same problem in modal ..jat spray + inverter technology ….LE error please help me

  9. Mine is a lg front loader red like this one in the video. Model # wm260hra when the tub spends it sounds like metal scraping against each other. What could it be?

  10. Nestor excellent video very helpful information. I am try to became a technician what do you recommend.

  11. Hello, I also had the LE-Error always after 3min. After the video I ordered the sensor yesterday, arrived today. Changing with the video was very easy. The first time I let the washing machine run with an empty drum. Short program ran perfectly. Then with laundry tested, ran after approx. 20min again in the LE-Error. Now I do not know however any longer. Does anyone else have an idea? What else could I do?

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