If you set Windows 10 to boot into Safe Mode, and you end up in a infinite-boot state in which it appears there is no way out, this tutorial will be for you guys.

This tutorial will hopefully resolve Windows 10 being stuck in safe mode and/or won’t boot into the normal windows operating environment.

This tutorial will apply for computers, laptops, desktops,and tablets running the Windows 10 operating system (Home, Professional, Enterprise, Education) from all supported hardware manufactures, like Dell, HP, Acer, Asus, Toshiba,Lenovo, and Samsung).

Fix boot windows 10

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  1. I have a problem I was in system recovery and it was recovering but I turned of my pc and now it’s in a boot loop and also it’s a Msi pc. So if there anyway you can help or fix the problem please tell me

  2. you are a god of windows 😀 thankx it’s worked, i am try many time restart but i am still in safe mode now my problem fix

  3. Thank you, thank you. Without this video I would never have known the secret is to log off three times (in rapid succession) in order to get to the troubleshooting screen.

  4. I love you so much , let me tell you I tried like 20 videos and this one worked your the man I liked and subed my pc is better now

  5. OMG made 3 years ago and still more useful than any video made today on how to fix this annoying problem, thank you I can finally update my bios

  6. THANKYOUUUUUU!!!!!! This helped a lot. My laptop was stuck on homescreen overnight I watch a bunch of videos how fix this but it won’t work, but this fortunately worked!! I accidentally enable safe mode and it restarted and stuck at homescreen and where you put password won’t show. I tried combination keys and the other prompt command but it didn’t work. Thank God this worked!!!!!

  7. When I type “bcdedit /deletevalue {default} safeboot”… it shows me “an error occured while attempting to delete the specified data element. Element not found. Can you please help me with it?

  8. Bruh help me plss. It says an error occured while attempting to delete the specified data element not found

  9. Next to safeboot mine says network not minimal. When I type in your command it says element not found is there a different command that’ll work?

  10. Lmao thanks this was rlly helpful I like wipes my school computer and now it’s mine but I couldn’t get out of safe mode

  11. It sayss an error occurred while attempting to delete the specified data element. Element not found

  12. You’re the Man! How much should I pay you for troubleshooting my PC?

    Thanks a lot man.

  13. It says an error occurred while attempting to delete the specified data element. Element not found Please Help

  14. I did everything you told but after that also my laptop’s screen is in opening. Or does it take a long time ? I am confused af . Can you please help?

  15. Thank you very much my dear sweety. Love you too. Helpful video. God bless you.

  16. Hi can you help me fix a problem? I can get onto the screen, but the only option i do not see is “Continue To Windows10” anyone know how to fix? If so, PLEASE tell me a way to fix it.

  17. You are a genius I’m so glad we have people like you, my laptop back to normal now Thank you

  18. When I type in the last step and press enter, it says “an error occurred while attempting to delete the specific data element. Element not found”. Help PLEEEEASEEE!!!

  19. Thanks. I appreciate it. This works if your stuck in safe mode from ddu. I’m gonna share ur video bc the information in the other video caused it to get stuck.

  20. When you mentioned “ a hard power off 3 times in a row” – do you mean:
    – restart 3 times hard power off without login?
    – restart 3 times hard power off with login?
    – pressing the on/off button 3 times?


  21. Great video and advice, I would also like to say that on windows 7 also delete and restore to default the “Alternate Shell”. My grandfather was targeted by scammers and they put him in this safe mode reboot (loop) and tried to trick him to pay money to get out of it. Your video helped me navigate out of this issue once I determined the issue. Thanks again.

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