How to Fix Windows 10 Won’t Boot After Update [COMPLETE Tutorial].

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If your having trouble booting to Windows 10 and it won’t boot after a windows update, then this video is for you. First its very important to backup your data and for that I will be using Acronis. You can use what ever backup software you like, because windows won’t boot you will need some sort of bootable media to recover your data.

Issues addressed in this tutorial:

windows 10 won’t boot up
windows 10 won’t boot after update
windows 10 won’t boot from ssd
windows 10 wont boot cant reset
windows 10 won’t boot after reset
windows 10 won’t boot bad system config info
windows 10 won’t boot blue screen
windows 10 won’t boot blank screen
windows 10 installed but won’t boot
windows 10 won’t boot cant reset
windows 10 crashed and won’t boot

This tutorial will apply for computers, laptops, desktops,and tablets running the Windows 10 operating system (Home, Professional, Enterprise, Education) from all supported hardware manufactures, like Dell, HP, Acer, Asus, Toshiba,Lenovo, and Samsung).

Fix boot windows 10

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  1. thanks bro after 7 days you solved my problem and all of my data was saved! even the apps no change im from somalia 🇸🇴🇸🇴 03/03/21

  2. This shit makes my blood boil. Microsoft FORCED me to install this update, now my computer doesn’t boot. Microsoft needs to fix my computer… how is there even a way around this? The updates can’t be turned off

  3. Okay next time I’ll just save up some extra dollars and buy a macbook. So sick of trash windows.

  4. My god thanks mate, the first method did wonders, I liked and subbed. Glad people like you exist to help. Might I add this problem occured due to the new windows “update”.

  5. after reinstalling windows, I get bsod saying driver_pnp_watchdog and everytime I boot my laptop it always show the bsod and I cant find what might be causing this. Please help.

  6. Nothing seems to be working for me I’ve tried everything and just keeps loading on back screen. Please someone help my computer was fine yesterday

  7. My screen is broke and I use a HDMI connector to another monitor, will it boot up thru the HDMI connection?

  8. Does this method help if the computer won´t boot ONLY after restart? becasuse if I turn it on works but if I restart screen stays black and nothing happens

  9. Sir I had applied your first method and was restart but after a few minutes it’s again back to the troubleshooting screen and showing me again these screen
    Can you help me to jump out from this situation

  10. Please do not update to windows 10 2004 but if you did, let me know so i can share this pain of corrupted windows

  11. I hv installed new simmtronics 2GB DDR2 667 MHZ Laptop RAM (total 4GB =2qnty 2GB each) Ram on my lged500 xnote laptop.If I use 1 by 1 RAM then laptop working but if put both RAM then Laptop stuck after booting at automatic repair screen n no progress.kindly advise how to boot up laptop to windows.

  12. Hi quick question, I installed windows 10 and it works properly but I’m unable to adjust my brightness what do I do

  13. Fuck the windows company bro. They update so dang much they ‘re trying to make things better but it’s just worst. I should of just st icked to 8.1 I regret everything with windows 10 fuck them

  14. But in my laptop there is some other problem while updating to windows 10 it shows the symbol of windows 10 but does not show the loading symbol it’s been so long it’s still like that please help

  15. Anyone know of a class action lawsuit against Microsoft? Mine wont boot at all after forced update. They owe me a new computer.

  16. After resetting and updating to Windows 10, I keep getting this error “The computer restarted unexpectedly or encountered an unexpected error. Windows installation cannot proceed. To install Windows, click “ok” to restart computer, and then restart the installation.” – Every time I click “ok” it will reboot and bring me to the same error message. Any advise?

  17. Hi yesterday i installed windows update and today a when i turn on my pc it dosent work. I tried uninstalling my u latest update and it said that the update actions are still pending. Pls any fix i would appriciate it

  18. Thank you so so so so much!
    This worked as I was able to restore from a restore point that was created automatically.

  19. Had already tried everything and even the reset but it ends up back the same thing, and when I tried to make a clean install system show corructed installation..

  20. I have reset my pc but i am stuck at hi there screen no mouse and keyboard working help please

  21. I just upgraded from windows 7 to 10 on the 14th of January 2020 cause Microsoft wasn’t supporting 7 anymore. And now in having issues starting after boot I get a black screen kinda black it’s like white ish with black it looks like something ggv running in the back ground but I get no response at all Ugh!!!! Help me. Whys it doin this????

  22. Thank you. This has happened to me a few times and I usually end up googling threats to figure it out. Videos like these are always helpful. Appreciate your help.

  23. Can you help me fix my problem
    When i press the power button nothing happens just 4 consecutive amber lights then 1 white and has a beep sound
    I own optiplex 3020 and also uses windows 8.1

  24. I cant get into the automatic repair.
    When i start my laptop i only see a blackscreen, no loading screen nothing!
    Anyone has an idea?

  25. 1903 update even when told leave my graphics driver alone, Everytime it decides that a driver 6years old is better and I’m greeted with black screen Everytime, boot safemode rollback nvidea driver, reboot and all is well until, it forces the same update again, this is getting really old.

  26. Fuc*ing updates… The best feature in Windows should be a feature to disable automatic updates.

  27. When you hit system restore nothing happens. It goes back to restart. Then goes to select an account. There is only one. The keyboard or mouse will not work to go any further. This is the same for any other advanced option. What do I do now…very simply please. Thanks

  28. windows 10 succks nowdays , i got rog leptop and it wont booting because of permenent AHCI SATA settings were changed after new windows 10 update in 2019 october. So microsoft dont wanna use windows 10 , after we pay them for serial key.

  29. I delayed updating the Windows 10 OS until Microsoft started pushing me to update it every time I turned on my desktop (Aurora, R7, 5 months old). So I went to the start button and selected the update and shutdown option. The update failed, I had the Alienware screen and the small wheel of dots that ran for 3 hours before I did a hard shutdown using the power button.

    You know Microsoft – no way to tell what progress is made or where/when an update died (and often – did it die or is it still working …).

    I have tried to restart the system 3 times to get to the auto repair screen you mention but I cannot get my machine to give me access to it.

    When you say rapidly restart the system 3 times, do I let it rebuild the cache and metadata (scrolls in the upper left corner of the screen and says to not interrupt it while it is doing this) or do you interrupt this process or even do the hard shutdown before it reaches this stage after being powered on?

    I called Alienware support and they took the easy way out – they said I needed to do a factory level reset to restore the image at the time I bought the machine. This does nothing for the many updates Microsoft has pushed through after my purchase or for the data that I will lose/many hours needed to redownload and reset programs.

    I have no faith in the quality of Microsoft updates anymore and now feel like it is playing Russian Roulette with a revolver pointed at my desktop.

    I can access the F2 and F12 keys and their associated menus and have validated all of my hardware.

    I appreciate any ideas you have to get me access to the repair screen that is the basis of your video.

  30. Tried everything except boot disk that I didn’t make : ( damn windows 10 update 1903 screwed me.

  31. hi I can’t get any access to my tablet. I have downloaded the ISO image onto a USB stick, but the tablet does not boot from it. Where do I find ways I can get the tablet to boot from the stick, by clever tools on the stick?

  32. Garbage operating system. Really considering switching to Google’s Chrome OS. Windows 10 breaks on me either by locking up on the desktop or after freezing playing a game. Then it wont boot after that and then forces me to reset my [email protected]%[email protected] hdd and do a clean install of windows 10 AGAIN. Im done.

  33. Hi, what my Win10 is doing is that after installing the may update it tries to reboot and falls into Automatic Repair and then fails to repair, I ‘paused’ the auto update on settings but I keep getting the update after a couple days and go through all this, only thing that I’ve been able to do is Reset 🙁 Any clues? Anyone? thnx

  34. The step @20:30 after ” copy *.* .. ” I get the results as ” the system cannot find the file specified ” & ” 0 files copied”
    Could you help me with that ?

  35. hello, my pc loads up fine but it has a black screen no cursor ONLY ON THE RESTART. I was wondering if you had any idea on what that might be. Thanks!

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