I get this message often, so I decided to make a video on fixing Windows 7 when the computer starts up into Startup Repair.

I used a Windows install disc and booted it to get to System Recovery. Some other ways are to repeatedly press F8 while the system is starting up.

bootrec /rebuildbcd
bootrec /fixboot

Fix boot windows 10

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  1. Bro problem to solve ho gya lakin window 7 or windows ultimate aaya to ham windows ultimate pe ok kqr diyq hai ise koi problem to nahi bro

  2. I have a problem with my windows 7. I ran cc clean and then I did a disk clean up to save some space on the computer Hard drive and I think I deleted some essential data and now my computer will not restart.. . I have tried everything. .
    I get this infinite loop .. . on the blue screen.. .
    Help !!
    I don’t have a windows 7 back up disk

  3. can you please help me out…. b’coz neither video nor audio are clear to see or hear that command you have typed in that command prompt……
    please help me out….

  4. You saved my life, I was working my *** for more than five hours looking into complicated solutions and this one totally saved my hdds. You sir, are a hero!

  5. Do I need a disk to do this? and if I don’t, I did everything and it says it worked successfully and it still takes me to startup repair when I turn it on.

  6. I made it but i had two values with same word
    system then numbers
    system then 0
    should i complete with the vedio.

  7. *I realllly need help
    I uninstalled some driver off my computer and now it won’t turn on the start screen loops!!!

  8. So I followed your procedures, and when I typed in bootrec /fixboot I get a message saying “The volume does not contain a recognized file system. Please make sure that all required file system drivers are loaded and that the volume is not corrupted.”

  9. I had this, it’s caused by Trojan and Malware Hijak.Agen virus, and you can only boot in Safe Mode, and AVG is disabled by the virus, you need something called Malwarebytes a free malware scanner, run that in Safe Mode and after removing the virus, reboot and it will be fixed. I had this same problem for about 7 months was using Safe Mode with no sound and everything extremely slow, but this fixed it.

  10. mais o que tenque escrever no cmd. e que eu nao intendo em ingles, e meu computador estar ruin pra entrar.

  11. I Recently Installed AlienWare For Windows 7 Then After I Installed, it works but after i restart my pc its repeatedly restarting with Start-Up repair HOw To Fix??

  12. What if in the Startup Repair menu I click command prompt and it doesn’t work.  I type and nothing shows up

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