How To Replace: GE Water Inlet Valve WR57X10032

Symptoms: Valve is leaking water, icemaker won’t make ice, or water dispenser won’t dispense water

Tools: 1/4” nut driver, 5/16” nut driver, flathead screwdriver, 3/8” wrench, 1/2” wrench

This GE made Refrigerator Water Inlet Valve replaces the following older part numbers on General Electric, Hotpoint, RCA, Sears and Kenmore Refrigerators: 880070, WR57X10040, WR57X10064.

Buy the new Refrigerator Water Inlet Valve WR57X10032 here:

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  1. I replaced the inlet valve as directed, but still no water. There is a clicking sound coming from the circuit board. Could that be the issue?

  2. I”m wondering if I need to replace my hose or my inlet valve unit. I’m having a leak coming out between the hose and the coupler that tightens down the inlet hose to the valve. from your experience do you think the valve is the issue or the white plastic hose? I notice the hose has like a built in plastic washer… wondering if that wears out which means I would have to replace the entire hose…..

  3. nice demo. I am saddened to see the parts attached or the other parts are not cleaned having had the trouble to move the fridge, remove the panel etc. that is the way it goes I suppose

  4. HI – my water dispenser stopped working and I found the larger of the two tubes into the compression fittings (the blue side) was cracked at the bend, spraying water on the floor. I cut off the cracked part (maybe 1.5 inches) and inserted the tube back into the compression fitting, all works fine now. But I am concerned that the tube is now bent even more sharply and will just crack again. Can you recommend how to add an extension to the tube to lessen the bending stress – I would need some extra tubing and an in-line connector (need the diameter, etc)

  5. Hi, @1:47, I am putting a lot of pressure to pull those refrigerator lines out of the valve, but so far I am unable to do so. I am afraid I am going to break it. Is there ay trick to easily take them out?

  6. If you don’t have a water cut-off, or it’s hard to get to, just remove the water filter inside the fridge. That will stop the water flow to the water inlet valve. And thanks for the video. You guys have helped me out several times.

  7. Hi I’m wondering if I could possibly fix the water inlet valve if it is just plugged with dirt particles by blowing compressed air into outlet after it’s removed then try hooking up loosely?

  8. Hi, I have a GE Profile TFS28PBBA and need a video to instal the inlet valve, and the video for to level the refrigerator door. If you have parts for this model, please let me know how.

  9. Hi, I replaced the inlet valve as shown in the video without any difficulty. However, when I pressed the water dispense button in the door no water came out.  I thought there may be an air lock in the line so I held the button for two minutes to free the air lock. Still no water.  What I did see though was an excessive amount of water on the floor.  

    I am very sure all my line connections are secure. Is it possible the old line running from the inlet valve up to the water filter is defective?  If so how do I access it to see it it is leaking.

    Art Payne  

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