From the above tutorial, you can easily learn how to install Google ADB Driver on Windows pc.

Download Google ADB Driver:



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  1. Guys a lot of us are still facing issues even after following the steps of the video.
    Here is the catch: the driver file he has may NOT be the right driver file for your hardware (your mobile).
    He is using a Google ADB Driver which works fine on Google Phones only!
    You must locate the right driver file provided by the manufacturing company of your mobile phone.
    I have a Xiaomi phone.

    Here is the link for the driver for Xiaomi Phones:
    After unzipping this file, you will have to specify the path of the driver after hitting “Browse” (at 0:27 in the video). You must provide path till : c:/…./…/downloads/xiaomi_usb_driver/android_winusb. This worked for me!

    This link from Android Developer website lists down the links from a lot of mobile manufacturers. Hope you find the right one from here: (Links at present at the bottom of the page)
    The driver path should look very similar to the one described above for Xiaomi. Remember you need to specify till the “android_winusb” file
    Hope this helps!

  2. wait a minute, i came here to install a bmobile ax686 driver, not a google one, and thanks for the trojan…

  3. Reproduced the steps exactly, had the same error 10 and everything worked fine after connecting my phone and launching android studio. Don’t bother with what’s written in the device manager.

  4. “After installing ADB Interface, select your phone in Device Manager and click on Update Driver – > Browse my computer for driver software – > Let me pick from a list of device drivers… – > and install ADB
    This works for me (GSmart Roma R2)” by Charles. Worked for me.

  5. MediaTek won’t get Microsoft to sign their drivers, so I trust them about as far as I can throw them. Do NOT disable Driver Signature Enforcement to get MTP working. Instead, spam @MediaTek on twitter and tell them they need to get their drivers signed.

  6. My windows 7 is of 32bit but that driver installation file is not compatible with 32bit . What can i do and From where to download usd driver file for windows 32bit

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