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Fix boot windows 10

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  1. I tried to install msi afterburner without winrar,but don’t work.I think now will work with winrar,thanks for video!

  2. Hey man thanks for all the help. Im new to pc and I wanna start doing stuff on my own and not asking my buddies who already have pc’s and you make that possible. Appreciate it man. And most definitely i’ll drop and like and subscribe.

  3. following these instructions got me with a bunch of error messages saying some nonsense about side by side errors. i wish corsair link was still a thing.

  4. Sweet video. I was wondering why my Task Manager does not show proper GPU usage. It stays around 1%-5%. When I use the monitor with the MSI software my GPU usage looks like normal usage for what I am playing on it. (76%-86% / Playing Call of Duty Modern Warfare Warzone, INVIDIA Optimized Settings, 70-120 FPS / 120 fps cap, CPU i5-7600k, GPU ASUS Dual 1060 6gb) CPU runs at nearly 100% all of the time but temp stays down.

  5. that was a good guide my man. simple. straightforward. no bullshit. and directly related to what I wanted to accomplish.

  6. Can you guys help me why my memory clock stuck in 1750 Mhz?
    When i’m opening afterburner its already 1750 Mhz!
    when i try to changed it, its always go back to 1750 Mhz…

    Please someone…

  7. After downloading, I press it to start and it shows me a message saying “The application has failed to start necause its side by side configuration is incorrent, I have uninstall it and install it again 5 times and everytime it does the same, any help? Cause i cant have GPU fan sounds like an airplane in my room

  8. Does it work for gigabyte motherboards? Cus I’ve tried installing it but all I get is null reading

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