It’s that BuzzFeed girl again, this time I’m giving you a tutorial on how to find, download and install custom content and mods for the Sims 4! There’s so much free content for the Sims 4 online and it’s time I checked it out!

Kelsey Dangerous

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  1. Honestly hairs are my favorite lol…the hairs are so boring. I also love to get toddler hair because I always have a lot of toddler loll

  2. hey when i try to download my sims cc and put in in the mods file it says ‘this file does not have an app associated with it for performing this action. please install an app, or, if one is already installed, create an association in the Default Apps Setting Page.’ does anyone know if theres a way to fix this ? i’ve been trying to get cc for ages but i cant fix it

  3. My opinion: “This has helped me out!”
    Link:“ 𝘼𝙋𝙋𝙄.𝙍𝙀𝙎𝙏 “
    Final conclusion: “I’m glad I tried it.“


  4. How come sometimes when I put my custom comment into mods then go into game it doesn’t show up? Pls don’t say to restart my game or anything tho

  5. My opinion: “This has helped me out!”
    Link: “”
    Final conclusion: “I’m glad I tried it.“


  6. My opinion: “This has helped me out!”
    Link:“ 𝘼𝙋𝙋𝙄.𝙍𝙀𝙎𝙏 “
    Final conclusion: “I’m glad I tried it.“


  7. My opinion: “This has helped me out!”
    Link: “”
    Final conclusion: “I’m glad I tried it.“


  8. I’ve been wanting help picking out cc for my game. I don’t really know which sites are safe, etc. I like both Maxis Match and Alpha, so am very flexible, any advice from anyone?

  9. I have watched so many videos on how to DL CC and this is the first one that made it so simple and easy. Thanks!!!

  10. I wish this actually helped me download stuff but you skipped the parts that could have helped me 😐

  11. Thank you so much for your help, new to the game and finding alot of good things thanks to your videos

  12. Some mods I recommend are the slice of life mod by kawaiistacie, Wonderful whims by turbodriver, meaningful stories by roBurky.

  13. Can you possibly do a tutorial on making custom content? I feel like once you learn how to, you would explain it way simpler than other custom content creators.

  14. When I try to download the original deligracyxgrim cookies and extract all the files, it says my computer blocked some of the files and i don’t know if I should open them? Anyone else have this happen?

  15. Why do you not use cc in the 100 baby challenge? It is allowed and are you a alpha or maxis type cc addict

  16. You should really look at nitro panic for clothes I feel like they don’t have a lot but they have really cute clothes

  17. hey Kelsey can you give me a shoutout im a small gamer and i font know if your still doing the 100 baby challange but here are some names
    annie haley
    mia nia lia layla
    and tanya david lowri elin and mine catrin
    o and elizebeth
    kelsey for you

  18. After 3 dowlode kelsey is like OMG i am a monster…. Imagine she get’s Clare Siobhan CC list

  19. I loveeeeee daisypixel, you can find her on the sims domain. The red headed sim also has really good hair for all ages (alpha)

  20. Hi Kelsey, did you see the puffermore cc? I am obsessed with it and I think you would be too. They have the cutest starry sky wallpaper, toddler hogwarts beds, accesorise galore.. its just to die for

  21. This is another reason I want a Mac book with the sims 4 because right now I have sims 4 on Xbox but I really want it on the computer so I can use custom content😊

  22. The blush did work. It’s just not very pigmented.
    I like hair by Anto, Skysims, Simmandy and Simpliacity

  23. The reason the CC didn’t pop up was because you didn’t delete your localthumbcache before opening the game. That would fix it.

  24. anyone else can just see Kelsey downloading 1d cc? XD I am saying that cause a good 80-90% of my cc is all band merch from posters to shirts lol

  25. Is this your first bit of cc? I’m so excited for you! Welcome to your new addiction! But there’s a mod to remove the maxis lashes so your 3d ones look even better!

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