Download Among Us on PC and Mac to travel to the depths of outer space to live on a space station. Life on the space station is busy. The entire crew has a specific set of tasks and missions to complete in order to finish their day.

Download Among Us on BlueStacks –

0:00 What is Among Us
1:04 Why play on BlueStacks
1:12 How to play on PC
1:18 Movement
2:08 Finish tasks
2:20 How to chat
2:30 Advanced controls

Download BlueStacks 4 today and get your game on!

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  1. BlueStacks 4 with bad computer: 16 FPS
    BlueStacks 5 with bad computer: around 50-60 fps
    Thanks bluestacks for the new update! It helps alot!!!

  2. Bluestacks is getting hang…
    It’s making my pc slow…
    How to solve that…
    It’s not working even after doing the tips to solve that…

  3. it wont open when i try to open it its just a black screen

    pls tell me how to fix it i really wanna play among us

  4. Thank you so much! Now I am playing on my computer for the first time! But I have a question. How do you remove the controls on the screen? Other than that I thought it was amazing!

  5. How do you get off of full screen when in the game? I went on full screen and It didn’t let me out. I pressed every button on my pc including ‘esc’ and none of them worked. I had to restart my pc..could you help me out?

  6. lmao I’m here because I did full screen and it didn’t let me off. I had to restart the whole pc.

  7. Bluestacks please help.. For the past 20 mins I have not been able todownload…. just says waiting for download…

  8. My bluestack is having sone another prob I think cause it is showing just some colors like blue pink and black

    What to do

  9. i have a problem when i try installing the among us on blue stack it needs me to sign in and its just an endless loading

  10. I can now make messages faster without a phone, thank you for making it possible to play Among Us on a Mac!

  11. Can you help me? Every time I open the game it only shows the controls then after a while it exits out of the game

  12. bluestacks does not work for me when i press download it opens the download part and then very fast closes it!!!

  13. Mine glitches A LOT when I play so I’ll try putting my settings to mouse and I just upgraded my pc so I hope it will work better now

  14. I can’t download among us from bluestacks because bluestacks takes 5 gb space dude i dont have that much space please bluestacks help me

  15. we don’t need the emulator just download steam and then download among us from steam unlocked

  16. I like BlueStacks but I don’t like that there is an extra chat bar instead of it just being in the actual one if that makes sense. 2:24

  17. justo ahora me estoy descargando el among us por bluestacks no estoy seguro de que es confiable lo que me de miedo.

  18. How to download it?i already download bluestacks,already sign in to play store but there is no results tell me the solution plssss

  19. When i start install Among Us, it says “your device is not compatible with this item.” can you fix this please, i just wanna play Among us in my laptop for free.

  20. I play on chrome and I put on joystick I can’t use the keyboard I gotta use the touch and the touch to kill is annoying

  21. So anytime I’m using my W, A, S, D keys the game for some reason keep putting the joystick thing to like a slightly left or right. For example, if I’m using just my ‘A’ key, my character will slightly move top left instead of just going straight left, someone help please and thank you.

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