How To Replace: Samsung Tub Seal DC69-00804A

Symptoms: It’s gone bad; you’re getting water leaking on the floor.

Tools: blocks of wood, Phillips screwdriver, small bowl, flathead screwdriver, pliers, wrench with 13mm socket with ratchet, tape, towel, 10mm socket and extension, 19mm socket and ratchet, hammer, blue thread sealer, locking pliers.

This Samsung made Washer Tub Seal replaces the following older part numbers on Samsung Washers: 2072926.

Buy the new Washer Tub Seal DC69-00804A here:

Most orders delivered in 2 business days or less.

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  1. This is an exceptional DIY video. Can’t thank you enough for the clear and easy to follow instructions. Awesome job.

  2. After installing the new seal and tightening all the bolts, it looked like there were some small gaps in the areas between the bolts… as if they may have been tightened too much. Is this normal and okay?

  3. Great video. What are the chances you can take this monster apart and then put it back together without a leak? How much does the tub weigh? And finally, how applicable is this video to all front load washers, especially Samsung?

  4. what is the blue stuff you put on the bolt. You just say you’re going to ‘put a bit of blue on it’ but don’t explain what ‘blue’ is.

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