MSI Afterburner has been the best graphics card overclocking software for 10 years now. Join the MSI Insiders as they show you how to get the most out of this great tool and how it all started.

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  1. Where are the regular DVDs inside the box?!! Put them back as they’re useful and it’s NOT nice to not to receive this storages!!! :(((

  2. MSI AFTERBURNER OVERCLOCK TUTORIAL 2020. Itll save you an hour and 55 mins and is a tutorial about what you’re here for not these clowns.

  3. Most boring hosts dragging out a topic that can already easily be lost in translation this video fuckin sucks…. Make one about 20-30 mins tops explaining the MSI AFTERBURNER not every detail you notice from still pictures of a fuckin GPU…. Didn’t even make it to the explanation gonna post a different video if I find one short and to the point so check back for that 😂

  4. I google using afterburner, your video came up. This video should just be called two dudes talking a lot. I don’t know how far in I actually made it before I had to stop the video, but there was absolutely no content.

  5. It is annoying to have part of the options panel blocked by your in-screen pic. You should have moved the panel to the right side of the screen. IMHO

  6. I am unable to unlock voltage monitoring, it is checked in settings but still it is displaying 0mV.
    I have got asus notebook with gl553vd mb and gtx1050 with 2gb vram. help me

  7. Hello guys, i have a problem:
    I have the RTX 2070 Super. When i start MSI Afterburn it cant find the GPU, also in the settings…

  8. MSI Afterburner Voltage Monitoring displays 0mV
    Tried restarting(Both PC and the program) and reinstalling.
    Enable Voltage monitor in settings(I am able to unlock voltage control and move the slider).
    Tried switching the physical BIOS switch on the card between both Silent and OC modes and then tried steps 1 and 2 both still it displays only 0.
    Able to view GPU Core voltage in HwiNFO64 so using it able to view my GPU core voltage on the RTSS OSD when playing games.
    But still unable to view it on MSI Afterburner.
    GPU: Powercolor RX580 8GB Red Devil Golden Sample.

    Can anyone please help me see my GPU voltage on MSI afterburner.

  9. The RX580 and the GTX 1060 uses GDDR5 but in MSI Afterburner it says the GTX 1060 as 8000MHz and the RX580 as 2000MHz does this mean the GTX 1060 has a 4X faster VRAM?

  10. guys im not sure why but i have amd and i am using afterburner and for a unknown reason it dosentt let me cahnge my power limit core voltage and the temp plz help me and the fan speed

  11. hi guys,

    pls I need help. My computer is crashing when I play games. I got a 1060ti 6gb.

    It seems like the power demands from the card is too high. Ive put the power settings and voltage up to the top but it doesnt change anything. Here I play Fallen order.

    But it also happened on Trine 2 with max graphics setting (!!!!!), on Nier automata, Sekiro… .
    I ran some tests: my power box is 700W so it should handled my hardwares. I dont know where this come from.

    Pls help me.

  12. Hey MSI, I have a question regarding the many software programs you offer.
    How does the boost feature differ from software to software? I guess that also includes the boost or gaming mode included in the bios.
    take for example the “MSI X Boost” and “Gaming App”, they both have boost functions but which should I use? and is it necessary to have multiple software that supposedly do the same thing?

    Just an added note if it helps: I have a B450 Tomahawk motherboard and an MSI Gaming X 1660ti.

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