Sonoff smart WiFi Switch is Wireless products which will connect with your home appliances and lights by Wi-Fi, allowing you to remotely turn devices on or off, set timing schedules, check devices status through the APP in your smart phone.

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Required Hardware:
SONOFF® Wi-Fi Smart Switch –
E27 Bulb Socket –
Plug –
LED Light Bulb –
Wire Cable Cutter –
Electrical Wire 2 Pin –
JAKEMY Screwdriver Set –

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  1. merhaba elimde 220v sonoff cihazlari var bunlari 12v cihazlarda kullanmak istiyorum nasil bir degisim yaparak kullanabiliriz tesk.

  2. When I try to connect with Alexa via ewelink it says to connect phone to hotspot. Could someone please tell me what that means?

  3. Hi, I had to use 3 switches as I have 6 wires coming from a real traffic light. I followed your instructions on wiring the switches and when I plugged the 3 plugs in nothing happened. The lights didn’t come on. Can you please tell where I might have wrong? Do I have to install the app before anything happens? I am using Alexa. Many thanks Paul

  4. Can we use it without app control and wifi?

    I want to just set this up to automatically on my main door lights in the night and switch off in the morning. There is very low wifi/no wifi signal there. I just want to setup once and it forget it.

  5. Does the relay switch both neutral and hot wires on/off? Optionally can I bypass the neutral wire with a direct connection and run only the hot wire through the relay switch?

  6. Is there any technical documentation available on the SONOFF device’s interface? I want to control it from my own program.

  7. Ideally, you should use the neutral wire to connect to the threaded part of the bulb socket and the live wire to the bottom part of the bulb socket. I believe this video just did the opposite.

  8. Load of junk !! Doesn’t say pair it first with a test lamp holder. If u Fitbit up away from HUB it doesn’t work.!! Yet my TP Link smart plug works right away, no matter how far from hub..

  9. Whell, don’t do this !!! Use correct cable for AC power!! This is cable for speakers it does not have good enough isloation or mechanical properties for mains.

  10. Mert, I enjoy your channel and subscribe to it, but, in this episode you show unsheathed hookup wire being used for mains connection, that is illegal in many countries. You should be setting an example to your many younger players and use the correct power cable.

  11. Güzel bir ürün. Arduino ile yapmak istesem de aynı fiyata geliyor ortalama. Güzel video 👍

  12. thanks for ur efforts sir…i watch your almost every video. sir i want to learn, i need your help how can i contact you.??

  13. mert bro … i am making a plane via node mcu using master slave type……….will it be successful? :_(

  14. I like it! It’s cool how you make entertaining videos without even talking or showing your face! I am continuing to enjoy your content! Keep it up!

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